Monday, November 14, 2005

Four and a half years and counting...

Long before we had children, before we were married even, my future dh and I discussed the whole kids issue. I highly recommend this, because I know so many people who came in for nasty surprises when children come into the picture. Anyway, as on so many other issues, we were highly compatible, and I made it very clear that when I had children I only wanted to work part-time. I won't go into or defend my reasons why, it's something I feel strongly about for me and my family only, everybody else's decisions are up to them. I am very lucky to be in a profession with a number of part-time, decently paying opportunities. So here we are, 6 years and two kids later, and things are working out ok. I love being home with my kids, having worked out the issues of feeling like I must keep house like Marie Barone and feeling the guilt of whether or not I'm "wasting" my degrees and that I'm not contributing enough to the family bank account. And I've got a great part-time job. But the clock is ticking...after my daughter was born 6 months ago, we decided that I would go back to work f/t in five years, for benefits pretty much, so that my dh can try some new things himself. And it took awhile to occur to me, why don't I use this time to get back to writing? I really haven't done any since college, and this is my opportunity to write the great American novel! Or at least a halfway decent romance novel! And how much work can two small children be! Just kidding about that last one. But really it's better than two school-age children, with after school activities and my own school job (most likely) with all that comes with that. Plus home, husband and dogs. So this is somewhat of a exercise to get me writing again regularly, to get the rusty gears turning, as it were. I've been doing a lot of thinking, but not a lot of doing, ya know what I mean? So we shall see how it goes.
And next time I'll start writing about books. Because that was my original intent.