Friday, February 24, 2006

More thoughts on the great mommy debate

I've been thinking more about the whole Stay At Home ws. Work Outside the Home mom argument. Each side feels that they are perescuted and judged. The working mom (so I gather) feels that others feel that she does not put her children first, is letting others raise her children, or is putting material gain ahead of her children. The stay at home mom feels that others feel that her work is not work, that she is wasting her education/career experience, that she should be contributing more financially, and of course that she sits on her ass all day, watching soaps. You know, what burns my ass the most is this notion that parenting small children is so easy that you have so much time left over. Because all they need is to be fed, changed and maybe put down for naps, right? Heck, we could probably train monkeys or dogs to do it. Perhaps that would solve everybody's problems--we could all get babysitting dogs, a la Nana in Peter Pan . Pretty cheap labor, though. Potty training might be an issue . Anyway back to my point, such as it is. I think that the arguments of the SAHM and the working mom may be rooted in their own guilt and self-doubt. Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing the best for my family? Hell no, say self-righteous law professors, by being a SAHM you're destroying society. Hell no, say the breastfeeding, organic baby food giving supermoms, your child will suffer because you're working (just kidding on the Supermom thing, I'm making fun of myself if anything). Perhaps your husband or partner or mom or sisters aren't all that supportive. So, if everyone devalues what you do, then it's up to the individual to value themselves and their choices. And I totally think people should take pride in what they do. It just sucks that so often, giving one's choices value comes out of judging and belittling others. I guess what I'm saying is take pride in what you do and be the best you can be, and screw whatever everybody else thinks. I don't know....just thinking.

I think that I just read that Walgreen's has Devil in Winter. The local one is open 24/7. Methinks I'll be taking a ride later. I hope this isn't one of those things where I'm so excited that I psych myself out and am disappointed..