Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pleased with myself...

Went to work last night intending to pick up Poison Study and Twilight. Lots of positive buzz around the blogosphere on these two. Poison Study sounds right up my alley. When Twilight came out, it got excellent reviews from School Library Journal and Booklist, but I thought it sounded same old, same old. But it's gotten such great buzz, I'm giving in. But it was out. Boo!!!

But I did get the Snyder book, and I picked up four paperbacks for 75 cents each from the friends of the library sale shelves. I work in a wealthy community, and people donate everything. I amazed at the recency of some of them. I passed over Ghost Hunter and On the Way to the Wedding, amongst others. But I picked up Jude's Law by Lori Foster,Say No to Joe? by Lori Foster (I read all of the other ones in this series),Even Vampires Get the Blues by Katie MacAlister (I've liked some of her others, but this one looked "eh"), and Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen (Read it already, but I want these for my own). So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I love a good bargain. I was mildly interested in these books, but not enough to shell out real dough. Into the TBR milk crate they go.

So I recently helped my parents move. My mother had a shitload of books. A shitload. Anyway I grabbed a bunch. Some to keep (watch for an old favorites post) and some to give away, sell or donate. So I put some up on, but there are some that are so old, the ISBN numbers can't be recognized. I'm debating what to do with them. I don't know if they'd be worth anything to anybody. But if anyone would like any Barbara Cartlands or old HPs by Anne Mathers and others or signet Regencies by Catherine Coulter, I can pass along some. Does anyone know if they are worth anything? There are also some Johanna Lindsays and Jude Devereaux (Velvet Series), and Nora Roberts categories and a couple by Diana Palmer (thought there were more). The Diana Palmers are Trilby, Connal and Friends and Lovers. Seriously, if anyone would like to read Make Up Your Mind, Nurse, or some other 70's HP, let me know. I'll mail you an array.

I'm going to go look at hot guys at Imaginary Origin some more. Later.


Mailyn said...

LOL! Thanks for pimping the hot guys. They should be passed all around the blogosphere.

Ohhhh I just got Poison Study! Holly bought it for me. I just have to tell everyone. Mehehehe.

I hope you love Twilight. I am so addicted!

Any good pirate stories in your mom's stash?

dancechica said...

Twilight and Poison Study were awesome reads! Hope you like 'em!

As for the books that are too old for, how about putting them together in a big lot (or small lots) and putting them up for sale on eBay? :-)

Rowena said...

LOL, I should go back and visit over there too, *sigh* That first guy was all kinds of scrumptious!

I want to read Poison and Twilight, sooo bad..but they didn't have it at the bookstore when I went at lunch, I'll have to hit up another bookstore to get those.


Anonymous said...


How soon do you need to get rid of them?

off to email *g*