Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Feel a Glom coming on...

What is a glom, or in its verb form, glomming? See here and here.

I've never read any Suzanne Brockmann before, though she's very popular and generally gets good reviews. Not really a big romantic suspense fan, and Navy SEALS, nah. That particular fantasy doesn't appeal to me at all. Don't get me wrong, from the little I know about Navy SEALS, I would imagine they'd probably be a high percentage of hotties in real life too (best of the best and all that), and I can defintely understand the larger than life appeal...but not for me. Though I was intrigued by the fact that Brockmann has a recurring gay character who even gets his own love story (highly unusual for a mainstream, high profile author), that wasn't enough to push me past my RS bias. Terrorists, secret agents, military? Eh, I'll stick to the English Aristocracy, and leather-clad vampires.

Never let it be said that I don't try to expand my horizons, however, so I bought Brockmann's Everyday, Average Jones at work last week. First off, I should mention that I would characterize this book, despite the action-y opening scenes, as a straight up contemporary, rather than a romantic suspense. I think that this book and the other ones in her "Tall, Dark and Dangerous" series are contemporaries, and the "Troubleshooters" series is the RS. Just to clarify. So, anyway, in this book, Harlan "Cowboy" Jones rescues Melody Evans from a hostage situation in the Middle East. They have instant chemistry and celebrate their escape to safety with six days of hot sex in the unnamed Middle Eastern Country and in Paris. Then they go their separate ways, Melody back to her Massachusetts hometown, and Jones back to his life of dangerous missions. Melody made it clear that what she wants from life is an ordinary, average guy, not an adventurer she'd be worrying about constantly. But Jones can't get Melody out of his mind, so he decides to surprise her seven months later. But Melody's got a leetle surprise for him too, and I'll bet you can guess what it is. That's right, it's a big, fat belly. So Jones decides he's going to do "the right thing", whether Melody wants it or not. Ah yes, getting married for the sake of the baby, though we barely know each other. How romantic. And usually successful.

I enjoyed this book a lot though. Brockmann had both characters acknowledge the fact that they didn't really know each other all that well, and if it wasn't for the baby, marriage wouldn't be discussed. I liked that, thought it was honest, that scorching attraction doesn't equal lasting love and that both had genuine fears. Then Brockmann created a situation where the characters did actually get to know each other over time, which made the happy ending more believable. Jones, the hero, was great. Hot, intelligent and thoughtful. Melody was a bit annoying. I agree with Sybil's comment a few posts ago that she needed to get over the whole "I want a normal guy" thing. Because that guy? Was really cool. Good secondary characters as well. A B+.

So after I read and liked this book, I went over to Brockmann's website for a bit, to find out about her other books. And I read and read and read, including her 53 page PDF guide to the Troubleshooters series. I'm totally intrigued now. Besides the fact that the books and characters sound interesting, I'm also intrigued by the diversity of her characters. And there seems to be a significant subtext of tolerance in a post-9/11 world. Curious to see how overt it is. And just because she's so proud of her gay, tap-dancing son. Seriously, guess what I'm doing at work tonight? Finding people Halloween books and tracking down Brockmann's backlist. What's the best? What to start with? I have a feeling those Troubleshooters books will be easier to find.


Kristie (J) said...

While I didn't like EAJ at all, at all (that's one of my hot buttons - the heroine denying the father a chance to get to know his child unless he's a danger to said child), I did like all of the ones preceeding this one and many of the ones that came after this one, and I stopped reading her recent books after being traumatized by the heroine in The Defiant Hero (my most hated heroine EVAH), she is a mighty fine author and one well worth glomming. As to which one to start with, Prince Joe is the one that started me glomming her way back. Of course I bought it 'cause I got the original and I thought the cover model was hot - but it is quite a good book

Mailyn said...

I actually don't like that a hero wants to stick around to "make things right". He either wants to because he is in love with the heroine or not. A baby is an outside factor that shouldn't weight in the decission to stay or go.

But that's just me. LOL.

Kristie (J) said...

Mailyn LOL but a baby isn't an outside factor. As long as the guy is a decent fellow and wants to know his child, how DARE the mother deny him that right. A father has just as much right to see a child as a mother. And how selfish of the mother to deny her child a chance to know his/her father. I'm not saying they have to fall in love or get married or anything although in a romance it's a given they will, but to not want the father to be a part of the child's life just cause is just WRONG.

*big g* see - hot button

~ames~ said...

Despite the fact that I hate secret babies, I kind of liked this book. LOL The first SB book I ever read was the Unsung Hero. SB references a Robert A. Heinlein book, so I figured she was cool.

That's just me-but I'm not complaining. I'm an SB fan. :P

Holly said...

Hi Devon..I've missed you. :D

Before I say anything else, I can't see the rest of your blog. The post under this one is cut off and I can't figure out why. *sigh*

Any who, I don't really care for SB. Her heroines get on my hot damn nerves, and so do her heroes. She's not, IMO, very good at balancing the two. Her heroines seem to have major cases of Penis Envy and her Heroes seem like good wooden floors, willing to get walked all over by the heroine.

Of course, this all comes from reading her Troubleshooter series. I really enjoyed Heart Throb, and I have Prince Joe and the rest of that series TBR. Maybe I should try them? *sigh*

Devon said...

Oh no, Kristie! Most hated heroine evah! I checked this one out last night, along with Over the Edge. I started reading but it's too early to tell. If she starts to bug, I'll just skim for Sam and Alyssa, because, as per usual, I'm more interested in the b-plot.

As for EAJ, I groaned when I read the cover, but I really liked it. SB pulled it off for me at least. I didn't think she was promoting getting married "for the sake of the baby". I thought it was more a matter of exploring two people trying to figure out both what exactly their feelings for each other were, as well as what "doing the right thing" meant for them. I just thought it was refreshing that although both the h/h acknowledged the strong pull and major lust between them, it wasn't automatically assumed that it was "twu wuv." Not that I seriously doubted, after it is a romance. Although it didn't bother me as much as it did Kristie, I did think that Melody was an ass for not letting him know to begin with, and then, even though he does want to be part of the kids life, still keeping at it. It took practically the whole book for her to even agree to put him on the BC! And he never was a bad guy! She just wanted someone "average". Whiny, whiny, I want a balding guy with a paunch and a job in middle management, not a hot Navy SEEEAAALL. Whatever, I'd better not start thinking about this to much or I might get angry and lower my grade.

Devon said...

Holly doesn't like them that doesn't bode well. Hmm...we shall just have to wait and see. I wonder if you'd like Prince Joe and those ones better, b/c from the descriptions they seem more like straight up romance to me. Alyssa Locke definitely has penis envy and is coming off like a bitch, but I kinda like it.

Kristie (J) said...

I'll be looking now to see if Meg drives you as batty as she did me :) I didn't mention earlier that my favourite Brockman isn't even one of her Seal/FBI books - it's Heart Throb.

Mailyn said...

kristie I wasn't talking about the mother not wanting the father to meet the baby. of course that's just plain wrong. I was talking about plots that use a baby as an excuse to get the couple together. like, they were apart or having issues and, all of a sudden, because she gets pregnant everything is all right? I don't see how that's romantic. if he loves her then he loves her with or without a baby. the being pregnant shouldn't be a factor for him wanting to stick around if he was planning on leaving, or had already left, before he found out about the baby. :-)

Devon said...

I understand Mailyn's point, especially in light of the SB's I've been reading since then (Ach, Sam. You're killing me). I just want to point out (I feel the need to defend this book, since I gave it a good grade), that "Cowboy" didn't know about the pregnancy. Melody had told him she didn't want to see him again. When he showed up where she lived, it was in hopes of rekindling the relationship anyway. He wasn't necessarily in love with her, but he liked her alot, and wanted to get things going again. So his wanting "to do the right thing" when he found out she was knocked up wasn't just b/c of the baby.

Mailyn said...

Ah okies, now that I like. I thought he just wanted to get back with her because he found out she had his baby. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi - new to your blog. Love your headline or whatever it's called!

Umm, my problem with this kind of plot in contemporary settings is that with HIV, chlamydia and everything else out there - strangers who haven't been tested shouldn't be having condomless sex. It's reckless and irresponsible and just plain stupid!

I mean I know we're writing fiction here but unless it's sf/f it still needs to be grounded in the modern reality.

Nikki said...

Oh no, I'm a glommer and didn't know it!! I didn't know there was a word for it! I have done this with Susan Johnson, Jill Shalvis, Donna Kaufmann and most recently, Anne Stuart!

I love Suzanne Brockmann! I am a "fan girl" fur sure! Not a crazy one who can see no faults, however! DH is the worst of the lot of this series(but still good)!! Don't start there!!!! I agree with Krisite-Meg(I think thats her name) is too stupid to live(TSTL)! I still liked this book, though. Sam and Alyssa! Have you read The Unsung Hero? Probably in the top 5 Brockmann novels!

My Brockmann Favs:
1. Over the Edge (favorite book of all time) Max and Gina!
2. Breaking Point (Max and Gina)
3. Unsung Hero
4. Frisco Kid
5. Forever Blue

Have fun! I think I'll pull out Breaking Point and join you!

Devon said...

Hi, anonyme--Welcome. I know, the thought of two people who barely know each other having unprotected sex is about about the opposite of romantic, and usually involves equal parts alcohol and regret. Still, sometimes these pregnancy romances (even ones that weren't as good as this one) sucker me in.

Hey Nikki--Too late, I've already read the Defiant Hero. I also read Over the Edge, Into the Night and I'm about halfway through with Gone Too Far. Should post about them this weekend. Although I already committed a breach of personal reading protocol by skipping Out of Control, I'm thinking of skipping ahead to Breaking Point. I really like Max. And Gina. And Max & Gina. I think Gina's my favorite SB heroine. And I'm saying that without having read her book.

Rowena said...

Okay this is one of my favorite series to date and I totally glommed SB when I started this series, so I totally know how you feel, Devon!

I haven't read the TDD series though so I can't comment on that story, but I HATED Joan and I HATED Meg, both of them got on my hot damn nerves...but I liked that the Heroes loved them enough to fight for them, I don't think that makes them fit for wooden floors to get walked all over though, because you do stupid things when you're in love so I don't fault them for doing what they felt they needed to do.

Hey Devonna, did you read The Unsung Hero? I really liked that book though I did want to knock Kelly upside the head throughout the series yeah, I'm a fangirl but I'm not blind to all of the things that sucked in the series, I was just willing to overlook them! haha.