Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It Takes a Village...

of bloggers.

Excellent Website Alert!

Do you enjoy browsing the Internet, examining author, publisher, and bookstore websites,looking for upcoming books that you just have to have? Is your wish list bigger than your TBR pile? Then you must take a look at Romantic Advances, by readers (and bloggers), for readers.

The brainchild of Jane and Sybil, and ably assisted by a team of brilliant bloggers, RA is the place to go when you want to figure out what to read next. Go to Dear Author for more details, then go forth and take a peek. Jane the coding queen has been working around the clock, and credit must go to Jennie and her very creative Twin for the logo design and nifty button. We are definitely under construction, and open to input and suggestions.

Building the TBR mountain, One book at a time.



Rowena said...

Love the new site was on there last night adding to my many books already on there and the site is user friendly and oh so pretty, great job to all of you guys!!!

I've linked and pimped the site already, love it!

Devon said...

Thanks, sweetie. We're all terribly excited about it. It is cutting into my blog hopping time, though.

Mailyn said...

OMG how stupid am I?!?!?!

I didn't realize that the very first post was a sticky so I was like...where is she!?!?!


Devon said...

LOL, Mailyn, I've done that so many times at other blogs.

How are ya? Good to see you.