Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Challenge Roundup

So I'm not so great with the willpower thing. Same reason I don't do diets. Also the same reason (during college) I would find myself swearing up and down that I'd never drink again, only to get stinky that very night. I read a grand total of 4 books out of the 20 on my list. Two others were DNFs, although I would not completely rule out attempting them again. In addition to that, I read three books that were not on the list (my bad), and bought 12 others (my very bad). Ah well, I think the act of listing them will help to keep them on my radar. I think I will be getting to some sooner rather than later though, in particular the Hoyt and Stacey books.

Man, summer is a busy time. I feel very behind on blog-hopping, as well as reading. Alas, lounging by the pool with a fun read is not an option for me. I glance at the other moms enviously as I chase the Destroyer. I think the lifeguard on duty at the kiddie pool cries inside when he sees us coming. No more staring into space, wondering which 7-11 parking lot he's going to hang out at tonight. The Destroyer is going to make him work for his pay as she throws herself under the water, flailing and choking and insisting that she can swim all by herself.

I'm getting excited for Harry Potter time. Both Book #7 and Movie #5. I have to see if my "Republicans for Voldemort" T-shirt still fits. We're doing a program at work, and I got drafted to help run it, since I'm such a geek since I'm full of brilliant ideas. There was a fun article in the local paper about the various theories and what has been debunked and not. Plus, a little crash course for those who don't care (although I can't possibly understand why you wouldn't).

For the past couple of days, Sybil has had the Shomi launch authors guest blogging. I think this line looks very promising. BUT, gotta admit I'm not feeling the covers. I'm not one for anime/manga. Don't have anything against it, but I don't have anything for it, either. The covers are too cutesy, to me. I hope it finds its intended audience, because the blurbs are pretty good. I particularly like the sound of Driven by Eve Kenin, who also writes historical Gothics as Eve Silver. Anybody out there read any of them? I haven't read a good Gothic in a long time. Anyway, go check it out. Sounds different.


Jennie said...

You have a Republicans for Voldemort T-shirt?! Awesome. :)

CindyS said...

I once pulled about 20 books out of my TBR pile that were 'must reads'. I think I may have read three of them so I know just how hard it can be! It's like being in a candy store and only getting to pick from a few select bins. SUCKS ;)


Mailyn said...

Can't WAIT for the HP stuff. Have a countdown up on my blog. Will be taking my lil cousins to see the movie and to the book 7 party. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about my Republicans for Voldemort t-shirt! Must dig it out and wear it to the movie :)

Stacy~ said...

I finally watched the 4 movies (haven't read the books) so I am ready for Harry next weekend - woo hoo!

Devon said...

Hi all!

Jennie--the t-shirt was from I got it back in 2004.

CindyS--I think another thing is that I'm a bit contrary, so the idea that I have to read something kinda makes it unappealling. The spirit has to move me :)

Stacey, Mailyn, JMC--Woo-hoo! Won't be long now.

Unknown said...

I saw those Shomi covers over at Sybil's place, too. I've gotta tell you that I don't have a clue what the books are about because I never read past the cover pics. UGH! Sooo not my thing. Bad Reader, no cookie!

Although, I'm pretty sure my dislike of them doesn't matter one iota since I doubt that I'm their target audience. I just hope that, if it's moderately successful, we don't end up with a flood of these covers.