Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nothing left to do but read, read, read...

Saw-yee Mommy!

So the Destroyer lived up to her name today by popping the q key off of my keyboard. She's actually done it before, but I was able to wedge it back on. I'm still having a u problem. But this time we were outside, and I think the key went between the slats and under the deck 'cuz I can't find it anywhere. Sadly, I ran off to Best Buy. Good news, it's under warranty. Bad news, they have to send it out (2 to 3 weeks). In horror and shock, I left my laptop with them and headed home. Then I got all worried about someone hacking into my private info, so I went back and asked if I could clear my private data. And ended up taking it back home, clutching it to my chest. While I was gone, the Destroyer climbed onto my dresser and broke a bracelet that I'm fond of. It was from New Orleans, and had hand blown beads, which she filled her mouth with.

I'm sure any geek squad geek could bypass any password protection on my files, but I wasn't quite ready to say "bon voyage" yet. In fact, I found myself wondering if I could do without the q key, because, as you can see, if I stick my pinky nail in the little circle I can still get a q.

When did I become such a computer junkie? Probably when I was breastfeeding my son. I didn't want to expose him to television, but I needed something to do. I couldn't read one handed, but I could point and click a mouse. My computer chair had nice arms for support, and I could have my water there on my desk, easy to grab. And there you go. As they got older, I found that it was an easy way to grab a few minutes to myself here and there. If we do have the tv on, it's kid stuff, and reading requires too much concentration and it's hard when you have to keep putting the book down. On the other hand, reading a blog post, or TWOP snark doesn't require the same focus, and I can get up, change diapers, give hugs, food, drink, or play for a bit, then come back to the same screen. Thus blogging, emailing and browsing became a major form of leisure, entertainment and communication for me. I am dreading being without the computer for 2-3 weeks. I can't do much at work (shared computers), so I guess I'll be dropping in on my parents regularly. I'm going to hold onto it for another day, but then it's off to the computer hospital. I have to tell them to look at the u key also.

So I won't be around much. On the up side, I'll probably get lots of reading done. Maybe I 'll find some new tv shows to watch. Wanna take bets on how long it takes for the withdrawal shakes to set in?


C2 said...

Oh wow! Is this where I should tell you about when my iBook had to go into the shop to replace the harddrive (under warranty, yay) and was there for 3 weeks? I bought a new Windows laptop to tide me over (my PC was on its last legs so I knew I needed to replace it before it died completely).

I thought I could make it until the iBook came back but I lasted about 3 days. I'm so WEAK!

I take it no beads (or letters) were actually ingested? Eek!

Devon said...

No, thank God, nothing was actually ingested. The girl has guardian angels for sure, b/c she crazy.

Actually, they told me 2-3 weeks, but when they gave me the work order, it said 10/10. Which is a month away. I'm trying to be optimistic.

I'm dreading being without.

nath said...

LOL, can I ask you :P how old is the Destroyer? cos she's really cute :P

Devon said...

The Destroyer is 2, and seriously, she's adorable. Too bad she's evil.

Update--I didn't get my butt back over to best buy until yesterday, and they had a flood, and can't do anything computer related right now. So I've got the computer for another day or two until I can drag myself to the next store. More keys are flling off now, too.

Kate Diamond said...


Good luck with your computer... and The Destroyer! She looks absolutely adorable, and at least your computer's still under warranty.

That's too bad about the bracelet, though.

Devon said...

Hi, checking in from my parent's house. Been 4 days w/o puter and I don't like it. I keep wanting to looking stuff up, then being

Oh well, will try looking up some stuff tonight.

Dara Girard said...

What a cutie! Nice to see who gives really good book reviews. I can't wait for you to come back.

Devon said...

Thank you for stopping by, Dara. I've got the computer back woo-hoo, and I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging.