Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm tired...

Hey, did you know I've been blogging for two years now? This is one of the longest stretches of time that I've stayed with a hobby. It all began with this, on 11/14/05. Sigh. How far we've come. Or not.

Anyhoo, life has been super hectic, but that's name of the game this time of year. H-Bomb is still sick. He puked at school yesterday. Apparently due to to an ear infection. WTF? I know it's the school thing, but he was such a hale and hearty kid. A walking advertisement for the bennies of breastfeeding. I'm taking advantage by having a lounging around day. I'm sitting on my butt, reading and posting.

Although I've been leaving this blog to languish, I've been slutting around again. My first post at Access Romance/Reader's Gab can be seen here. What do you think of pop culture saturating romance? I also reviewed Fairyville by Emma Holly at TGTBTU. Lisabea, have you read any Emma Holly? May help you with the old slump. Well written ER in several subgenres.

I'm calling out to the internets, has anybody successfully made their Ipod Touch into an Ebook reader? I got one from my hubby recently, and a bit of poking around suggests that I can hack it, as DA Jane was able to do with her Iphone. I was able to get the Installer and the Ebooks app. onto my Iphone, but from there it went weird. I am having major difficulty figuring out how to get the files onto the Ipod. I have a feeling that the different directions assume a level of knowledge and technical expertise that I do not have. I got a "Network Connection Refused" message every time I tried this, and I found some other stuff here, but the easiest ways to do it seem to require a Mac OS. Word seems to be that Apple will be coming out with its own Ebook app in February 2008. Perhaps I should just wait. This guy found a way of doing it without hacking the IPod, but again I'm clueless. Not tech savvy enough to know what "Apache" and shit means. Bye the bye, if you're considering an e-book device of some kind, get thee to Jane's series at Dear Author. Start here, and you can access the other installments as well. Lots of good information. Be sure to read the comments for other opinions and suggestions.

Happy Turkey Day!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on two years. I've been reading your blog for maybe a year, even though I never comment. But thanks for the good times!

Devon said...

Thanks, that's really nice to hear. You should comment :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

lisabea said...

I betcha Teddypig has the downlow on that iphone. I'm holding out for a pda that has a reader.

I thought that I had commented on the Fairyville review, but in my haste to get out of town, I didn't. I have to say that my favorite moment in that book was between Brian and Magnus. What does that say about me? sigh. I agree completely that I wanted more H/H time.

Hope your little one is feeling better!
ps I finally found Lord of Scoundrels (in the massive Borders in Chicago) I. Love. It.

Joanna Chambers said...

Two years? I hope I can keep it going that long.

Joanna Chambers said...
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Kate Diamond said...

Congratulations to you! Two years... long time in this age of speed, no?

Also, I tried to go to your post at
Access Romance/Reader's Gab. It wouldn't let me. Perhaps I'm just lame. Will try again later... but thought I'd give you a heads up.