Monday, March 26, 2007

A couple of books...

I just wanted to mention the two other books I've read over the past two weeks as each was noteworthy in its way.

**Blood Secrets by Vivi Anna--My prior experience with a Silhouette Nocturne was a DNF, and I haven't seen too much good stuff being said about this line in general. So this was a pleasant surprise. This is the first book in the Valorian Chronicles, set in a alternate universe in which supernatural species exist alongside humans. They have been exiled to a city called Necropolis, where they have set up their own society and government. Caine Valorian heads up a CSI-type unit which is part of the police force, called the OCU (Otherworld Crime Unit). During the investigation of a murdered human, it is decided that it would be a good idea to bring in a human police officer, the intelligent and attractive Eve Grant, who causes the members of the OCU varying degrees of discomfort, especially the coolly controlled Caine. This was a fun, fast read. The world-building was a tad limited and cliched, i.e.,the fact that vampires "bond" is mentioned, but not explained, and why do vampires always have to have a master or mistress of the city? But I'm sure the shorter length is somewhat of a constraint. However, I liked the idea of Necropolis and a police force peopled by vamps, witches and werewolves. The characters were intriguing, with the exception of Eve, wasn't annoying, just not as interesting. Also the sex was good and the mystery was not bad. I'll be interested in upcoming installments.

*Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren--I am really enjoying this author. I must check out her backlist. Again, the world building isn't new or amazing, but she's got a light style, and a good touch with the characterization. This one features Sullivan Quinn, a werewolf who is the guth (historian) of Dublin pack, and Cassidy Poe, an anthroplogist who is a Foxwoman, a rare shapeshifter species. They are thrown together as the American "Others" are debating whether to make their presence known to the world at large (I know, what else is new?). Chemistry and solmateness ensue. Again the strength of this book is in the style. It has a fast pace, I like the variety of species included, and the characters and dialogue are fun, without being cheesy, awkward or forced. Quinn uses about every Irish-ism except for "Top o' the morning to ya" and "Begorra", but I really liked him. I love Irish boys, though. I'm looking foward to Warren's next release.