Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm not going to review it...yet, but I just wanted to mention that I finished Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi last night. It was a real change of pace for me. I stayed up late to polish it off. And I loved it. Like rolling around on the bed with it loved it. Like wanting to have its babies loved it. So it turned out to be a good reading week.

I have a veddy busy week ahead of me. Many projects to take care of. So I decided yesterday to wait until Friday to buy Lover Revealed. Man it's going to be hard, it's been six months since I've had a fix, but my projects need my full attention and so does Butch. So in order to give each their due I must divide my time.

It the meantime, here is some Ward-related linkage.

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Janine's review at DA
Interview w/JR Ward in the Louisville Courier
And I do believe Ms. Ward will be blogging at Sybil's next week.

Have a good Sunday!


Holly said...

Why aren't you writing that review? Because you don't have time right now, or because you aren't EVER going to write it? Dev, I want the review. lol

As for LR, well, I read/reviewed it. I won't say anything in case you have spoiler issues, but...I do want to know when you finish it and your thoughts.

Kristie (J) said...

Isn't Simple Jess wonderful? It's so original and it's the kind of book that you remember years later! Sadly, while once an autobuy author, Pamela Morisi has long left my AB train. But I did love this one.

Devon said...

Hi Holly! I have something special in mind for Simple Jess. I was in Target today shopping for my son's birthday, and LR was there 25% off. I'm only allowing myself to read a little bit here and there as I finish things up. I'm trying to avoid any more reviews 'til I read it. But as soon as I read it, I'll be searching out your thoughts. First thought...What's with all the product placement? Do I care about every item Butch wears and how much it costs?

KristieJ--SJ was awesome. I've been re-reading bits. It managed to be so innocent It seems like Morsi's turned to Women's fic, huh? Too bad.

Tara Marie said...

Just mentioning Simple Jess makes my heart flip over. One of my all time, all time, all time favorite books.

Did I mention it's one of my all time favorites? -- LOL

Holly said...

First thought...What's with all the product placement? Do I care about every item Butch wears and how much it costs?

You don't want to get me started, babe. LOL

sybil said...


I met her. Pamela Morsi went to Lisa Kleypas signing. And I guess she had one last week for her book.

She was so nice I wanted to buy her book but I just can't see liking it.

sybil said...

I think your last post has broken your blog....