Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What an exciting week! My husband's on furlough (that's temporary unemployment to those not in the know), I'm about to kill him, I have to get my wisdom teeth out, I bought Lady of Sin by Madeline Hunter, and Her Master and Commander by Karen Hawkins. From the library, I got Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu and The Ultimatum by Susan Kearney (not my usual bag, but I'm attempting to push my boundaries). Plus, first new Veronica Mars in six weeks! That's enough to make up for the loss of Project Runway. (BTW, Chloe? Really? I liked the girl and all but...really? Huh. At least it was a surprise).

First off, Veronica Mars. Love the continuity as usual, but please with the chick from Laguna Beach. She needs a punch in the teeth so she doesn't grin through every freaking line!!! Hate Hannah, the new mini-Veronica, but loved the homage to My So-Called Life's hallway hand-holding scene. (Which still makes me sigh 12 years later. And yes, my college roommate bought the Buffalo Tom CD afterwards. And we made mixes). I will watch the rest of the season if only to see if Logan and Hannah have the following exchange:
Hannah: Why are you like this?
Logan: Like What?
Hannah: Like how you are.
Remember it? Remember? Does "the N" still have MSCL re-runs on? But anyway, where's the Goot? The Goot's behind the bus crash, for sure. As much as I love to see a boy from Massapequa do good, the Goot's a bit evil. And he needs to lay off the plastic surgery. Or the makeup. Or is it a combo that's got him looking so freaky?

Before I get my surgery (which for some reason I'm more nervous about than giving birth, it's the whole sharp implements in my mouth, near my eyes and my brain, thing), I still got me some books to get. Although I imagine the recovery won't be that long, I'm still going to have assistance with the kids for a day or two. Whee! Reading time! Im' looking forward to buying Taming of the Duke,Sword of DarknessLord Perfect and Three Little Secrets. Sword of Darkness got a bad review here, which was disheartening. Over at Smart Bitches, they're bitching about the fact that the cover blurb is by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Kinley MacGregor), which was mentioned by the AAR reviewer as well. From reading SK's novels, interviews with her and having seen her in person, I do think it's a joke. I also think it's a dorky one. Then again, I often find the humor in SK's novels to be a bit dorky. Oh well, I've been increasingly disappointed with her work, but I'll get this for sure, because I do love the premise.

Gee, I'm feeling kinda loopy today, and I've haven't even had my celebratory St. Patty's McSorley's. I'll have 'em while I do my review of Lady of Sin later.