Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's the girl in the red truck, Charlie Brown

My son is very into the Peanuts. Both our local library and the library that I work at have an extensive collection of old Snoopy cartoons so we regularly check them out. The other day, the H-Bomb chose this one:

I had a bad feeling about it (look at that cover), but he insisted, so a mom, one is often forced to watch shows that one might not otherwise, but this was one of the strangest. My son keeps watching it over and over again, and I have no idea what would make this appealing to small children. There is no Snoopy or Charlie Brown, instead it focuses on Snoopy's seedy-looking brother,Spike, who lives out in the California desert. It is mostly live action, and revolves around his friendship with the very perky Jenny, who is torn between her love for her home, and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is one of those white bread, blonde and handsome, yet somehow creepy types the 80's did so well. He wants to go to LA to be a musician or something. This is pretty much it--Jenny's relationship issues and a long roller skating sequence. Seriously, Jenny and the boyfriend spend a lot of time talking about their relationship and whether to go to the "city" or not. And she yammers with her bitter waitress friend. Boyfriend is also disturbingly jealous of the friggin' cartoon dog. It's so weird. I don't even think an older kid would enjoy it. So I looked it up on IMDB (shut up, I don't need to get a life), and I found out two fascinating facts: Jenny is played by Jill Schulz, daughter of Charles Schulz, and the roller skating rink in the movie belonged to Charles Schulz. I did further investigation into the career of Jill Schulz (shut up, I don't need to get a life), and she had few credits that all revolved around roller skating. So she must be some kind of...roller skating person. I could tell you she ain't no actress. I wonder if the other two actors were Schulz family members, or employees of the roller rink or something. The whole movie was to showcase the woman's roller skating talent. I can't decide if I like the randomness of it or it was just super-bad. Anyway, we just took it out yesterday, but I think we'll have to return it sooner than later, b/c I can't take too much more.