Sunday, March 26, 2006

This n' That

Blogging 101

Added some new links to the sidebar thingy. Laziness has kept me from doing it before this. Even added some more of those group author blogs. Although there can be something kind of...corporate...about them, i.e. the constant shilling of books from their publisher, they have a lot of neat stuff too. Little by little I'll get this looking the way I want it to.

Chicken Little

Is it weird that I take such a perverse kind of glee that Kevin Covais, formerly of American Idol, is from my neighborhood? As a devout non-watcher of AI, I usually take little notice of what's going on with it, but all these signs started popping up all over--the high school, the parks, the local stores, messages painted on the back windshields of cars, "Vote for my friend Kevin!" There have even been notices tucked into my front door, a la a chinese food menu, urging me to vote for a local boy makes good. Once I saw a picture of him ("He makes Clay Aiken look manly!," thought I) I had to watch. Except I kept forgetting to. So instead I went to Television Without Pity. For some reason it is so exciting to me that the dorky guy who so many people regard with awe, shock and horror is from my neighborhood. That's so much cooler than, say, a really talented person. Oh well, he's been sent back to Island Trees HS now. And I never got to see him shake his thing to "Part-time Lover." Seriously though, going on AI takes balls, and he slogged on through even though he had to know that he was out of his depth. I hope that his classmates don't give him shit, and I'll squeeeee if I see him at the pizza parlor (which as of Friday had a pizza named after him).

RITAtm Nominations

The Rita Finalists are up at the Romance Writers of America site. Hmmmm....Not familiar with a lot of these, which isn't really a surprise, I'm no expert, and I spent a lot of last year glomming, rather than checking out new stuff. Totally unfamiliar with several of the paranormal noms. Who is Pamela Labud? She also got a first timer nod. Let's go see...Spirited Away... got eh reviews, which means nothing. I'm not really into ghost lovers, though.

Next time: Devon makes yet another foray into pervy romantica.


Tara Marie said...

I was just reading your post from Saint Patricks Day and wanted to comment, but thought it might get lost.

After reading Madeline Hunter's medievals, I wasn't real thrilled with her regency series, but it finally hit me after reading Lady of Sin, which I loved, that they're all interesting character studies. I'm thinking about going back and rereading them with a different frame of mind.

Isn't it funny when someone we "know" or should know gets famous. I went to high school with the director of Walk the Line, as if that makes me more interesting somehow.