Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy Surprise!

Hurrah, hurrah! I had totally forgotten that Broken by Kelley Armstrong is out. Whee, the return of Elena and Clay! A trip to Borders post-mommy and me is warranted. If you haven't read anything by Kelley Armstrong and you like paranormals. I wouldn't characterize her as romance, nor horror...its like a contemporary paranormal fantasy with romantic elements. I love her characterization of the werewolves. When I first read Bitten, I wasn't really into romance and I was like, this is my perfect book! Why is no one else out writing like this? And don't tell me Laurell K., please! Anyway, over time her world has expanded to include lots of different characters, who I enjoy (got a soft spot for Lucas), but of course, my ultimate fondness is with the prickly Elena, the hot and sociopathic Clay, and the enigmatic Jeremy. Yay!

So I've been feeling really nostalgic lately for the strangest things. Anybody remember a little cinematic gem called Teen Witch? With the fabulous songs, "In Like Boys," "I Want to be the Most Popular Girl, "and the "rap off", "Top That?"

I'm also highly unhappy that Veronica Mars was pre-empted yet again for New Jersey Nets basketball. What! Of, course, since I'm a spoiler whore, I could not help but to go to TelevisionWithoutPity to find out what happened. I missed heartbreaking, Veronica/Logan angst!!! Dammit, I've been watching all season, and they've barely thrown us a bone with them, and now Channel 9 won't show it!! I've got to see it, because it sounds right now like it was up there with the last episode of My So-Called Life, and Brian Krakow on his bicycle. Moment of silence for Brian Krakow.