Sunday, April 30, 2006

Random Thoughts...

I found this blog over at the Good, the Bad and the Unread, one of my favorite spots to visit for info. I haven't read a Harlequin or Silhouette since I graduated from high school and stopped stealing my mom's, but Jamie Sobrato is so funny, I may have to check out one of her books. Actually, I may make that my summer project exploring the world of Blazes and Harlequin Presents and whatnot.

I was thinking about the Kelley Armstrong books, and what makes them stand out to me, and I have to mention the relationship of Elena and Clay. So often, I visit these boards and loops where readers are positively swooning over having a big, scary paranormal Alpha male of her own. When I read these books lots of times I get to thinking about what its going to be like for them after the HEA. Armstrong explores this often amusingly in her books. Yes, Clay is totally gorgeous (and a great character), and totally in love with and focused on Elena, and you know what? He drives her nuts half the time. He is overpoweringly possessive, and hates her to spend time with anyone else. She loves him, but seeing them navigate their relationship, even when they are secondary characters in some of the other books, is funny and kind of sad. It's food for thought, and an interesting counterpoint to some of these overly romanticized vamps and whatnot. I mean, think about some of the relationships being set up in these books. Paradise or one-way ticket to unhealthy co-dependence? Think of those obsessive Carpathians, for example. Perhaps I'm being terribly unromantic and overthinking.