Sunday, April 09, 2006

Much Ado about Taming of the Duke...

I guess I wasn't the only reader who had some issues with this book. Over on her website, Eloisa James is leaving a spoiler trail, mapping Imogen's discovery of Rafe's masquerade. She is also planning to write an additional chapter to cover this. Also, over on the Avon Author's Board she has answered a lot of reader's questions (I have not read the whole thread yet myself).

I don't get much sleep these days. My daughter doesn't sleep at night. I'm trying to get her to sleep, resulting in even less sleep for me than before. So maybe, in my sleep-deprived haze, I was overly harsh on TOD. far, I'm not convinced that Imogen knew, and I'm not convinced that she was in love with Rafe. Falling in love? Yes. Confused and conflicted about her emotions? Definitely. I guess I'll have to keep reading, in order to understand when Imogen fell and who she fell for. Even "the little a-ha moments" pointed out so far, seem murky. I kinda think that James is doing a lot of telling w/o so much showing, but I'll follow the threads and spoiler trail and whatnot and try to re-read the book before she posts the new chapter to see if I feel differently. I'm kinda sadly obsessed with this, but again I really wanted to like this book better.