Sunday, January 07, 2007

Best of 2006...

Some other stuff...

Best Non-J.R. Ward Vampire Book:

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. A very engrossing read. Anyone who likes stories about teenagers or vampires would like this one. Worth a try even if you don't like vampires.I just finished New Moon, and I can't wait until Eclipse.

Best E-book:

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee. I debated whether or not to make a separate category for this one, because I don't want to make it seem as though e-book are somehow different or less than print romance. I just wanted to mention more books. All jokes about crappy covers aside, one only has to visit an EPublishing site like Samhain, Ellora's Cave, or Liquid Silver to see that some of the most interesting and unusual stuff is being published in electronic format. Whenever I drop by, I always want to read so many of them. Damn my tight budget! [Will review for free books!] Tatooed guy from the carnival! Forties setting! You won't be seeing Avon publishing something like that anytime soon. I just loved this one. It was very sweet, yet very sexy. I think I might re-read it tonight. P.S. Great Cover.

Best guilty, guilty pleasure:

Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Abandon reality, all ye who enter here. The hero is a "tigard" (a mix of of tiger and a leopard), the heroine is a wimpy law student/senator's daughter. Since this is an SK, they have cartoonishly nasty parents. There are also cartoonishly nasty preppies named Todd and Blaine, a trip back to 1981, and a general disregard for rules set up by Kenyon in previous books. Even for the over the top Dark Hunter series, this one was over the top. I used to wait for one of this author's releases with baited breath (reality be damned is my motto), but her output has been increasingly disappointing, and I find myself increasingly uninterested in reading. But although I found UTN a bit ridiculous, it was fun and sexy, and very readable. I think this might be due to the absence of Ash. I actually love Ash, but his story has started to overshadow that of the primary characters in some of the more recent books. Hopefully, things will get back on track this year, and thanks to Nath, I have a new online Kenyon story to read.

Well that's all for now. Off to console the family over the Jets loss. Hopefully 2007 will be full of good, and so bad it's good reads.


Anonymous said...

I bought Twilight for my niece, absurdly thinking I could borrow it sometime. Hasn't happened yet, although I keep asking.

I liked Wren's story, but hated what SK did to Mama in that book.

Kristie (J) said...

I loved Bone Deep so much that I bought the paper copy of it. I haven't got it yet - but soon! Although I have a few books, I just don't think I'll ever really be converted to them so I was delighted this one is in print too!. And I've been really enjoying the Tara Janzen books too. I've yet to read the last one, but I've liked all the ones I've read so far.

Mailyn said...

Love Twilight! So can't wait for the rest of the series!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Unleash the Night but I haven't read the others in this post, will have to fix that sooner or later. ;)

Holly said...

I thought I'd commented on this already. *sigh*

I HEART TWILIGHT! LOL Fabulous book, I think. Mailyn, THANKS! LOL

Unleash I wasn't impressed with at all. I think I'm too exacting in my tastes to read SK's series anymore. *sigh*