Monday, January 22, 2007

Other interesting things...

...though perhaps not as interesting as possibly murderous transgendered rock stars who love lesbians.

I wasn't going to reveal the subject of my whiny DNF post, but to give readers fair warning: it was Dark Whispers by Samantha Garver. Although I did give up on it, I found a review at AAR today, that I very much agreed with. The reviewer, Leigh Thomas had many of the same concerns that I did, and her assessment of the hero and heroine were spot on. I'll be looking to see if anyone else takes this one on, and what they think. It's unfortunate, because I would've liked to pimp a new author, and it was a fun idea.

Anyone watch Jane Eyre on Masterpiece Theater? I love this story,ever since I saw an old BBC miniseries of it (with Timothy Dalton) when I was 14. I loved Rochester, although now, in my old age, I want to smack him around a bit. Is it me or is this version a little, well, sexier than the novel? Not that there was any actual sex, but Jane and Rochester seemed a little flirty to me. I'm not a stickler though, and I enjoyed it plenty. I'm looking forward to next Sunday and Rochester's betrayal. I thought Jane was particularly well cast.


Rosario said...

Well, damn, the Garver sounded so interesting! I'll have to go read the AAR review.

Mailyn said...

I hated Jayne Eyre. Right along with Madame Bovary. Oh gawd how I hated Madame Bovary! lol

Oh and this
though perhaps not as interesting as possibly murderous transgendered rock stars who love lesbians.


Devon said...

It is a shame. I looked up her previous title on Amazon, and there seemed to be similar issues with that one. Perhaps in time (and with some research) the writing will match up with the great ideas.

I lurve Jane Eyre. Madame Bovary, not so much.

It has been confirmed that my beloved Zarf is not a murderer. Whew! I mean s/he's got a lot on her plate already.