Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Speak of the Devil...

Just as I was thinking about forcing my sister to read a romance novel, I popped on over to her blog (which is very funny, btw), and lookee! The group blog that she is a part of Hockey's Ladies of Greatness had an interview with Deirdre Martin, who writes hockey-centric romance. Anyone like sports romance out there? Those SEP ones I like (and I was going to make Margee read one). I also read See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson. Anything else good out there?


Anonymous said...

There's an old, old category by Kathy Alerding in which a woman is the trainer for a minor league hockey team...and of course she falls in love with a guy sent down from the majors for rehab. Or maybe a new coach? I don't remember. And I recall another category called The Heart Mender, in which the hero was a retired baseball player. Kate Angell published a baseball book last year that was kind of squicky -- the heroine ran a coffee shop that was incredibly unhygenic, with all the sex going on in that kitchen.

I'm sure there are more than that. I blogged about sports in romance once, so I'll have to go see what other books people mentioned.

Devon said...

Thanks for the recs, jmc, I'll take a look at your blog for more.

Now I just have to get Margee to read one.

Jordi said...

There's the trilogy about a sisterhood PR firm with sports stars and and... *thinks hard* they were alright but my sister found it a bit disappointing. Oh now I found em, Carly Phillips.

There's an anthology of sports styled short stories named "Hot Ticket" in which Martin was featured in it.

Along with that Rachel Gibson's other hockey books are decent, Simply Irresistable and The Trouble with Valentines Day. Those ones have less hockey but are still decent reads.

I'm not the biggest fan of Deidre Martin, I was a bit hateful at one point but I think I've recovered.

I went on a sports romance binge after I found that there were such books. Always fun.