Friday, February 23, 2007

One of those posts...

where I just list all the random crap I've got lying around while I try to figure what I should read. The amount of posting I've done lately (and the content) may have been a hint, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding something to read. I want to read something, but everything seems have something wrong with it. I want to persevere, but I just don't have the patience or attention span. Finishing a book should be effortless, not a chore. It's a case of "It's a little bit me, but it's a little bit you too. Next week is the release of my first highly anticipated read of 2007, Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair (space opera! cyborgs!) What should I try until them to fill the time?

From the library:
Sins of Midnight by Kimberly Logan--description sounds interesting, but I'm finding it a bit "Avon Romance 101"--too many adjectives and cliches, and lacking that certain something (originality?) to keep me interested. Don't know whether it's worth sticking it out.

She's No Faerie Princess by Christine Warren--Just don't know if I have it in me for another werewolf hero.

Bought at the library:
Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann

Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara (btw, this is hands down the worst author site ever. She also has a blog.)--perhaps a little urban fantasy might do the trick.

And a shipment arrived from Harlequin today. Last week they had a free shipping thing, and these were all 40% off (hopefully not because they stink):
Anything for You by Sarah Mayberry
Asking for Trouble by Leslie Kelly
Mistress for a Weekend by Susan Napier
Revenge of the Second Son by Sara Orwig

So, what to try next?


Bev (BB) said...

I've read SHE'S NO FAERIE PRINCESS and really liked it but at the moment I can't remember why. ?!? Hate it when that happens. ;p I'll have to go dig it out and probably reread it to find out. Seems like it had a lot of similarities to another I read about the same, which is where some of my confusion is coming from.

Now I need to post again about GAMES OF COMMAND before it comes out. Very good book. :D

reviewer said...

Oh my, that is a terrible author site. Wow. Really bad.
I had to laugh at this part though
This page was created by Michelle Sagara's husband who is, she would like to point out, vastly more anal-retentive about book publishing details than she is. Mistakes about contents of the web page or complaints about its appearance can be directed to


I enjoy Harlequin. I just cashed in a bunch of my bonus bucks for something (A book that I forget the name of. It looked really good though. A fantasy one)

Stacy~ said...

Well I'm gonna be predictable and suggest Out of Control: Wildcard's story. Love him. There's just something about a slightly pyscho yet basically harmless guy in love - very charming LOL.

nath said...

Hey there :)

I also have Cast in Shadows, but have yet to read it :) If you do before me, let me know what you think :) By the way, it's an interesting list of books you have :)

Devon said...

Hi all! Thanks for the input.

Bev--I'm about halfway through SNFP. I was suspicious at first, thought it would be lame but I'm quite enjoying it.

Chantal--It's hilarious. I thought there had to be something more current out there, but all there was was the blog which was pretty bare bones. I guess she's not into Internet self-promotion.

Stacy--will definitely read the SB soon. I was excited to see it for 75 cents.

Nath--I think I'll be reading the Sagara soon. Back blurb sounds really good, and she had fantasy series that I read in high school and loved.

nath said...

oh,good to hear Devon!

I know, the back blurb sounded really good and when I bought it, the cashier girl was raving about it. Then, I read a really harsh review about the book and I didn't know what to do anymore... so it's been on my night stand for awhile ^^;

Mailyn said...

I have a huge pile of books I've been dying to read yet I can't even get started on one!