Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Say it ain't soooo...(Spoilers)

Please. Last night was a rough one for me. First, I watched the second half of All My Children on SoapNet, and Zarf was lying on the ground, all beat up, and that fool JR was just spewing vitriol at him and not calling 911 like he should. What happened? Nothing had better happen to Zarf.

Then (I'm all choked up thinking about it), they killed Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars at 9! Nooooooooo! The character was kind of a jerk, rather incompetent and usually wrong, but he was also very funny, and a nice foil for Veronica and Keith. The actor,Michael Muhney, totally stole all of his scenes. Plus, on a shallow note, I will miss his loveliness.

RIP, Lamb! I hope you're doing the robot in heaven.

Such injustice in the world! The odious Babe is alive, and I have to worry about Zarf? And Lamb got killed by Richard Grieco? Not good times. Coming on top of last week's episode of The Office, and lack of Jim/Pam, I feel very sad. BTW, I've been reduced to dreaming about Jim and Pam. Not even joking. I dreamed that they went out for Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and hooked up in the bathroom. Weird, huh?


Anonymous said...

that is so funny you are dreaming of jim and pam... I too worry for Zoe and feel very bad that JR left her in the park... but she has the clue to who the satin slayer is so hopefully they're not killing her too. plus, i have to hear her sing again.

Rowena said...

Oh girl I feel you on the whole Jim and Pam thing...I'm starting to think that they'll never get together...Ugh, doesn't that just suck? They keep teasing us...Gah!

I haven't watched AMC in so long I don't know what's going on, but I do have a date with Soapnet this weekend to catch up on my GH, it's supposed to be really good.

Kristie (J) said...

*um* Who are Jim and Pam?
And not that I watch it - cause I'm not home - but I have seen Zarf (when I call in sick those very rare times) and he/she (not sure which because I don't watch it 'cause I'm not home)is certainly one of the most intriguing characters going. And blech! to Babe!
And I've never watched Veronica Mars - but he sure is a cutey! I feel your pain.

Devon said...

Jim and Pam are the "will they or won't they" couple on "The Office." They're definitely torturing the viewers on this one.

I don't think I can start calling Zarf "Zoe". It's just too awesome of a name. It was kinda funny, how everyone got so awkward over the pronouns. What is that in her hand. A button? For a second I thought it was a decoder ring like Ralphie had in A Christmas Story.

Dylan, Isn't Soap Net the best invention ever?

Devon said...

P.S. If I ever get to hear Zarf sing "My Heart Will Go On" I will expire of happiness.

Rowena said...

yes girl, I wouldn't want to live without Soap Net ever again! lol.