Friday, February 23, 2007

The S word...

So I was reading this book, yet another paranormal. It started out promisingly enough. The author set up a nicely Gothic atmosphere, with a mysterious, tortured hero. The heroine, an academic, seemed intelligent and not annoying. They have a first tension filled encounter. They have a second encounter, during which they both mentally note how antagonistic each feels toward each other. All right, interesting set-up. Then over the course of the next chapter, their feelings suddenly, inexplicably, extremely rapidly change. They find themselves drawn to each other, and by the end of the chapter and into the next they're at it like bunnies and making fevered declarations to each other. They have never felt this way before! They don't know what's come over them, but they must, MUST be together! They are maybe, perhaps, probably...soulmates! To quote the Destroyer in the throes of a stomach virus, "Blearghh, blearghh,[Insert vomit sound of your choice.]" Way to stop a book dead. There are some lovely emotional, sensual moments that follow, but I could just not buy it. The 'soulmate' thing should not be an excuse for neglecting relationship development. Their love was just so instantaneous, that it seemed empty. I tried for awhile longer, but since I had lost interest in the couple, I had lost interest in the story. I'm putting it aside for now. Please authors, please stop with the 'soulmate' stuff. I read romance to see how a romance develops. Five pages of "I don't like you, no wait, I really lurrrve you eternally," just doesn't do it for me.