Monday, April 30, 2007

Fabulous things...

*Oh how I love The Good, the Bad and the Unread. There's always fun reviews, rants and news of note there. Plus, Sybil's got many authors posting (and giving away free stuff!). So go and read and comment. Today's guest was Jennifer Estep, whose debut novel, Karma Girl, looks cute. Her next guest is Kelley Armstrong, one of my favoritest authors ever. So I shall be there once again, babbling away. Also she's got a sneak peek at the cover of Lover Unbound. (I haven't made any references to JR Ward in awhile, so I figured I better throw that in before I get my fangirl status revoked.)

*Found this at Alison Kent's, by way of AngieW. It appears to be some kind of hub for romance-related blogs. It's under construction, but it's pretty neat.

*In the Snorting Coffee Out My Nose" file: Check out Jane and Karen Scott's reviews of Carol Lynne's Ben's Wildflower. Now I haven't read the book, and doubt I will, but it sounds like a satire of an Ellora's Cave book, complete with a bored blonde chick riding naked piggyback on some dude on the cover. You must read to believe the magic! Of course the comments turned to a discussion of mean girls, but I will leave that alone for now (except to say, if someone's opinion is so insignificant, why would you take the time to read and comment? Just ignore it.) Lacey Thorn, a friend of Ms. Lynne's and a fellow EC author, pointed out how dismayed she was that someone would bring the review to the author's attention, which apparently happened. And I agree, that sucks. But I'll bet you a hundred bucks that it wasn't Jane or KarenS or any other meanie, mean blogger. No, I bet it was one of Ms. Lynne's "fans," who so ardently jumped to her defense. I've seen this sort of thing before on message boards, and it totally burns my ass. What is a more classic "mean girl" behavior than telling somebody about the nasty shit that someone said about them, "But that's okay, because I still like you?" Hypocritical and hurtful behavior in my opinion. That's not helping your favorite author in any way. It's one thing for an author to come across a harsh review, but you don't need to help her find it. Start your own damn blog with only glowing reviews or something.


nath said...

Hey Devon :D

if you like Kelley Armstrong, then don't forget to drop by Twisted Kingdom... we're having an interview with her :D I just like her too :D She really writes awesome books :D

Karma Girl does look good... wonder if I should buy it...