Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Few Interesting Things...

I'm currently reading For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison. This series doesn't work nearly as well for me as it does for others, but there is something that keeps me going with it. I looked at my review of Fistful of Charms and a lot of the same things are bothering me about this one. It started off o.k., but now it's starting to drag. I think I've reached my limit with Rachel also. I just don't get why everyone is so enamored of her. I'm determined to finish and review, though.

Other things that have been distracting me:
**I was lucky enough to win an e-book of Claiming the Courtesan from Dear Author. (Have you checked out the forums, BTW? They're just getting going, but look to be fun.) This was especially awesome because I was planning on giving this one a pass, until all the controversy erupted. Now I must read it for myself. I think Campbell's next release sounds good too. Now I don't have an EBook reader, so my method of choice for reading e-books is Microsoft Reader. When I popped on over to Fictionwise to claim my book, I was told by the site that I didn't have the proper software. Huh? Apparently, my copy of MS Reader has never been 'activated' and thus cannot get downloads from Fictionwise (a security measure. Moreover, I cannot activate my copy because I lack "Active X" controls. When I attempted to find out more about this Active X nonsense, I got pages and pages of jargon I could not understand. Has anyone ever faced this issue? I tried to backtrack and get it in Adobe Acrobat instead, but no dice. Arrrghhh!

**Elizabeth Hoyt guest blogged at Sybil's and Rene Lyons guest blogged at Sanctuary's Finest. Must get on reading their books. [Woo-hoo, I'm having good karma lately, and my love of leaving comments for authors is paying off. I won a copy of The Leopard Prince.] I love it when authors do the guest blogger thing.

**Has anyone read these?
Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn

Night Life by Elizabeth Guest

When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy

**Things I'm excited about:

That's all. I shall return when I make it through the next round of birthday madness. And when I finish off the Harrison book.


Anonymous said...

I read Dead Witch Walking and was not inspired to read more. I thought there was info dumping galore and none of the characters really sat well with me, least of all Rachel who annoyed me with the way she was always falling into trouble through her own stupidity. Unfortunately, I bought the next two books in the series before I'd read the first, thinking I would really enjoy the series--it, as you know, has a lot of followers and it sounds like something I would normally like. Anyway, I do plan to read the next two someday, but from what I read in the first book, I too, am puzzled by all the praise for this series.

As for Witchling, Nath wrote a review of it over at Twisted Kingdom. She didn't really like it, if I remember correctly.

Jennie said...

I've just gotten around to THE RAVEN PRINCE by Hoyt (I was also inspired by Sybil's guest day) and so far it is excellent.

I'm also REALLY excited about the new Kelley Armstrong. It's out really soon! Woo hoo!

Devon said...

DC--Rachel doesn't seem to be getting any brighter, and she's starting to come off like a user to me. I never finished the second in the series, but I really enjoyed the third, and that's what's kept me going a bit longer.

Jennie--Jamie is my least favorite character, but I'm hoping for lots of Jeremy. I love Jeremy, great unusual Alpha. He's my favorite.