Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Stop It!", Part Deux (Spoilery)

I think it's time to give up on For a Few Demons More. Every time I sit down with it, I start thinking about other stuff I could be reading, and indeed, I've read two other books before getting halfway through this one. Question is, do I give up on this series entirely? I couldn't finish the second one either (The Good, the Bad and the Undead) but I really enjoyed the third (Every Which Way But Dead). There are things I really love about Harrison's universe, like the secondary characters, and some of the little, funny, mundane details that make the Hollows come alive. But at the time, with all the detail and exposition involved, there are still sentences like this (p.149): "I took a quick breath and narrowed the inflow before my chi overflowed and I'd have to spindle it." And, five books in, I don't get it, the line stuff, the chi stuff, and I feel dumb. But many, many people love this series, so mebbe I am. So for now, this is a DNF (I'll skim the rest and I already read the end).

But I must address one thing. My biggest problem by far is Rachel Morgan, the protagonist from the series. I've gone from merely thinking the girl's kinda dumb, to full-blown dislike. I'd like to put my fake therapist hat on to try and help a fictional character. Just to refresh your memory:

Rachel, please try to learn from your mistakes. It is time to look before you leap, think before you act, take a deep breath before opening your piehole. Yes, you have pissed off half the critters in Cincinatti, as well as half the demons in the Ever After, but you've got no one to blame but yourself. Have you ever considered that there might be consequences to your actions? Stop it, you knucklehead. As for your relationships, you're starting to come off like a manipulative user.You know Ivy has strong feelings for you, and you appear to for her, but you don't do girls. So instead, you've turned to the closest thing to Ivy: Kisten. Fine, Denial Girl, but don't keep goading Ivy, asking her to drink from you, but that's all, no funny stuff. It makes you seem like a mindfucker. Have you ever heard the expression "Shit or get off the pot?" Just stop it! [Wo]Man up, get yourself some Birkenstocks, and Indigo Girls albums, and book a little weekend for you and Ivy in Provincetown. It'll get you what you both want.

Whew, I feel much better. Seriously is it just me? Hope I didn't get too spoilery.


nath said...

LOL Devon! You don't have to feel stupid at all! and if you need support, I'm one who doesn't like the series ^^; I have book 1 and 2 at home... tried to read it and never got into it. Lots of ppl are praising her, but I just can't get in...

Devon said...

Thanks Nath! At least we have lots of other urban fantasy series to keep us occupied :)

Anonymous said...

I, too, felt crazy when I couldn't finish these books. What gets me is that Rachel seems to have the Gilligan (from Gilligan's Island) syndrome, all the bumbling and lack of forethought as a major part of the plot. I couldn't deal. And I was always too worried she was going to harm Jenks in some profound way with her lack of awareness. No, you are NOT crazy. Love the review.

Devon said...

Heh, Gilligan, that's a good analogy. I think of Rachel as that friend who always gets super drunk and makes a scene or makes out with some loser. Then the next day she's like "What did I do?", "I'll never do it again!", but you just know that come next Friday night... And I just don't find it charming or impressive.

Glad I'm not alone there :)