Monday, August 27, 2007

A New Look and a New Attitude...


I feel like I've been quite crabby and negative about romance lately. Although I have read and enjoyed some books, I'm just not excited about stuff like I used to be. Releases by two former auto-buy authors (Sherrilyn Kenyon and MaryJanice Davidson) have come and gone with no interest from me. I keep buying different things in an attempt to recharge the mojo, to no avail. I haven't read a book in over a week. I was annoying myself, wondering why (should I take a hiatus from romance? from blogging?), and then I realized, it's probably just summer. The heat and humidity fry my brain after awhile, and there always seem to be personal dramas that distract me. Well now that some of these dramas have been resolved, and my sister's lovely but exhausting wedding is out of the way (I looked fab, btw), I am determined to catch up on all that is going on in Romancebloglandia, and find something cool to read.

I bought myself Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice for my birthday. I really enjoyed it, and thought that it was what erotic romance should be. There were developed characters having scorching sex while developing believable chemistry and romance. Im not feeling like reviewing, but here are some reviews by Rosario, KristieJ and Gwen that I was in agreement with. There is something so durn delicious about a man who is just head over heels in love, nay, obsessed with a woman. In fact, his obsession is creepy, almost, if it wasn't so well written. I get so sick all the obsessive women in books, tv, and movies mooning over some dude on the basis of his looks or $$$. I liked seeing the tables turned. Ms. Rice guest blogged at The Good, the Bad and the Unread recently. There were a couple of interesting posts on her philosophies on Erotic Romance and the ever popular topic of Alpha Males. Her particular brand of sensuality and hero was definitely on display in Dangerous Lover, and whooo boy, I found it pretty much breath taking in its intensity. Will definitely be checking her out again. I'm thinking I'll start with Midnight Angel.


Kate Diamond said...

I hear you on the random disenchanment with blogging and books. That happened to me earlier (in the spring), but then I read a string of really great books and got over it.

I hope you do, too! Especially now that the wedding madness is over.

Kristie (J) said...

It kind of hurts giving up former favourite authors doesn't it? I've dropped Gaelen Foley and Liz Carlyle and man it hurts doing that. But I just wasn't feeling the thrill I used to over them. Kenyon I gave up quite some time ago so I'm over that pain.

Devon said...

Hi Kate. I think now that some of my personal madness has passed, I should be in better shape. I'm a dork who overthinks things, and I feel like I was trying to force it. Then I was just being overly critical because stuff wasn't hitting the spot.

Kristie(J), it's very strange. I feel like I should be excited, but..meh. Undead and Uneasy has been sitting on my nightstand for two weeks. I'm going to return it and wait for the spirit to move me :)

C2 said...

You know, Sherri's latest wasn't so bad. Better than the last one, definitely. I haven't given up on her yet. MJD, on the other hand?? Pass. And it's a shame...I used to love her but I just can't make myself buy her stuff anymore.

Like the new look, by the way! Pink and black are so chic. ;-)

Devon said...

I'm sure I will give Devil May Cry a go when the spirit moves me. It sounds better than the last couple. I still haven't read The Dream Hunter. I'm just relieved that Katra's not Ash's heroine. I didn't want her to be.

I'm retrning Undead and Uneasy to the library today. I wait until and if I feel the urge.