Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

I think a trip to the bookstore is in order! I have decided that the problem is that I'm burned out on paranormals and erotic romances. I need a change to get my mojo going. With that in mind, I went off to the used bookstore (solo!)and took home a bag of Harlequin Romance and Superromance and Silhouette Special Editions. I am currently reading Father Material by Kimberly Van Meter. Not bad, but the heroine's a bit of a pill, so far. It's got one of those "knocked up from a one night stand, now I'm falling in love with my baby daddy" plots. When I read these blurbs, I shudder with distaste, because in my opinion, accidental pregnancies don't often lead to HEAS, but rather to bitterness and recriminations. Even though I'm not usually one of those people, I have to wonder about the message it sends: get knocked up, and the guy will love you and take care of you and your baby forever. Troubling. But day-um, if these stories don't just hit the spot sometimes. I'm sucked in wondering how she's going to tell him, how's he going to react, how, for jiminy's sake, are they going to make it work.

I finished Familiar Stranger by Michele Hauf. Am I becoming a Harlequin Junkie? This was good, very cute. I think the Nocturne line is starting to hit a nice stride. This one had a great heroine and a Jason Statham-like (in my mind anyway) hero. [OT: Did you know that Jason Statham's girlfriend dumped him for Billy Zane? Billy Zane?!] I liked the idea of two factions (The Cadre and P-Cell), who study paranormal entities and take very different approaches to limiting their presence on Earth. I also liked the odd world surrounding the Cadre's base. A bit heavy on the British-isms (cheeky bird, snog etc.), but being an Anglophile, I liked it. The romance seemed a bit rushed, but less so than many categories I've read. I'd give it a B-. Good (and kinda different) characters, interesting worldbuilding, entertaining story. I'll be reading the others. Check out the Dark Enchantments blog. Fun for crazy people like me who like to read about fictional characters as though they are real.

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Unknown said...

And I stole it from Rhian's blog! LOL!

Are you aware that Michele Hauf also says she pictures Jason Stratham as Jack?! Now that I've seen pics of him, I totally agree!She's not too fond of the older guy in the cover pic and neither am I. I pictured Mersey as a Liv Tyler with a bit of Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie thrown in.

I'll have to go add your review to my Piquant Opines for the book.

Mailyn said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Mailyn said...

P.S. LOVED him in The Transporter. I LOVE that movie!!!

Devon said...

Jason Statham is definitely the go-to guy for Brit tough guy/ hooligans. Sexy voice.

Thanks for the well wishes, Mailyn!

Kristie (J) said...

Hey - a fellow Leo - mine is tomorrow.
Happy Birthday wishes to You!

Unknown said...

Well shit! Now I feel like a total asswipe. I thought you were saying Happy Birthday to yourself as a figure of speech cause you bought yourself so many prezzies.

So Happy (belated) Birthday, Devon!

and Happy Birthday Kristie!

CindyS said...

I'm behind again!! Happy belated birthday! I've never read Hauf but I'm thinking I should find out more about her. I think she was doing paranormal before it was 'the thing'


Devon said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody. I appreciate it.

Mailyn said...

Dude where are ya?! That must be the longest bday celebration ever. Are ya still drunk??? Mehehe.

Devon said...

Ha! I've been out and about. Lots to do, suffering from a short attention span. Haven't even been blog hopping.

I did (Gasp!) read an awesome erotic romance.

Mailyn said...

Ohhhh do share!! Was it good???