Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tired of Sex?

What's that you say? Is it possible? Man, I think I've read one too many erotic romances that go something like this:

  • Hero and heroine meet. Wet, clenching pussies and rock-hard cocks ensue.
  • Although heroine and hero are not sure if they even like each other, they engage in some heavy petting, most likely at inappropriate time and place.
  • More heavy petting. Oral sex most likely occurs, and possibly intercourse.
  • Hero and heroine think about each other, realizing that feelings are involved. Hero wonders if he can ever meet another woman like this. [I agree, it might be hard to meet a woman who gives a blow job in the bathroom during a cocktail party so readily.] Heroine thinks there may be something about this man she will never find again. [Perhaps the huge, hard cock that can go for hours?]
  • More sex occurs. Perhaps some finger in the butt action. [Question: At what point in the relationship does one decide that finger in the butt action might be welcomed?]
  • They realize they're in love. The End.
Enough already. The sex is boring if the love story is all in the characters' heads. I need some sexual tension, some banter, some friendship. Interaction that doesn't involve bodily fluids. A relationship.

So I'm going for something different. I'm looking for some "Tender Romance," ending at the bedroom door. I'm hoping it'll be more satisfying. I'm thinking of some Harlequin Romance or Superromance. Anyone have any title/author recs?

OTOH, those new Spice Briefs are on sale for 99 cents. Never read any Sarah McCarty or Delilah Devlin. Hmmm...


C2 said...

An old fave of mine is Lynn Kurland's Stardust of Yesterday. I re-read it every year. :o) Most of the love scenes sort of fade to black after a bit of kissing. It's a ghost story, if you like those.

Tara Marie said...

You've explained why I've added several classics to my TBR pile for this summer... Austen, Bronte, Lee (harper not stan :)

Devon said...

C2--Thanks for the rec, I've never read any Kurland. Will check it out.

Tara Marie--Sometimes a change of pace is in order. I need romance, not erotica with love words to make it "ok"

Stacy~ said...

I love "Stardust of Yesterday"! Haven't read it in years, but I might have to do a re-read.

Devon, I agree that the majority of the erotic romance I've read is nothing but boring sex. I will say I just read an oldie by Emma Holly called "Menage", and believe it or not, I found it rather romantic. Now I'm reading some historical romances, sans the erotic stuff. I just want the romance.

Unknown said...

Stacy, "Menage" was the first m/m I ever read and it remains on my All Time Favorites list!

Devon, I just read a couple of books that are NOT all about sex although there ARE a couple of steamy, but definitely non-graphic scenes in them. "Happy Hour at Casa Dracula" and it's sequel "Midnight Brunch" by Marta Acosta. I haven't blogged about them yet because, even though I couldn't put them down (up till 3 AM reading), I can't figure out how to explain WHY I enjoyed them so much!

Whenever I get a case of the "I'm bored with books", it's usually because I've been reading too much in one genre. So, since I'm usually into paranormal/urban fantasy, I'll read historical (usually Highland or Regency), or a contemporary (usually m/m or m/m/f) until I start getting bored with them, too.

Devon said...

Stacy, I think I've OD'ed on 'em. I think they sound so good, then it's like sigh...not again...

QB, you're right, plus I think I get bot distracted and grumpy during the summer. Hence my attention span is limited and I'm more critical :) I keep saying I'm going to read this RS I have (72 Hours by Shannon Stacey) bt I never get to it. I'm always intersted in the new Lisa Marie Rice. I rarely read RS, so I think the change of pace will do me good.

Devon said...

Wow, I can apparaently no longer spell or make sense either. I'm also interested in the new Lisa Marie Rice.

It's sticky keys, I swear!

Mailyn said...

I feel the same way and that's why I've stayed away from Romance books for a while now. I am just bored to tears with all the mindless sex and stupid plots that make no sense whatsoever. Ugh. If you find anything good let us know.