Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

I read Darkfever, the first book in this series, just over a year ago. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't blown away. So it took me awhile to get to the further adventures of MacKayla Lane. But I liked Bloodfever quite a bit more than Darkfever. It took off running and never slowed down. I found the book to be engrossing and action-packed.

Many of the things that irritated me about the first were gone. Mac has grown up a bit, gotten a bit darker and a lot more interesting. Jericho Barrons (man, I hate that name) has also gotten more likeable, while remaining a bit creepy and enigmatic. He is not really a nice guy, but I am enjoying the development of his relationship with Mac. I assume some kind of romance will develop, but for now things are nicely off balance. MacKayla now has three men in her life who have mysterious agendas: Barrons, the Fae Prince V'Lane and the dark horse Christian MacKeltar.

The world of the Fae is developed more and is rather dark and creepy. We also learn more about sidhe-seers like Mac, and those relationships aren't going to play out well :) Karen Marie Moning is a very popular author of fantasy, men-in-kilts romance. I've read one, and only found it okay. But this Fever series really has a lot to appeal to fans of urban fantasy, especially those who like Irish settings and folklore. The happy ending is not clearly in sight at all. But if the action remains fast-paced, and the characters and world keep developing like this, I'll be sticking with this series for awhile: B.


Wendy said...

I never hooked into KMM's Highlander series (loathed one, found the other OK but instantly forgettable) but her Fever series is really working for me. I suspect it's because it's a darker paranormal world, and while Mac is "young" she's believably young without being too stupid to live. Bloodfever felt a bit like a place-holder to me, but I still enjoyed it. I'm hoping with the next book KMM begins answering some questions....

~ames~ said...

I have this sitting in my tbr pile and never quite had the urge to pick it up just yet. I am going to reconsider now. :P

Good review.

Marg said...

I am about 70 pages into this one, and it just isn't quite grabbing my attention at this point. I found myself gazing out the window on the train ride home - a sure sign that I am not engrossed! Of course, that could also be to do with the fact that it was my first day at work for the best part of 3 weeks, and I didn't get to have an afternoon nap like I did most days on holiday!

Devon said...

Wendy--I had the exact same reaction to KMM-instantly forgettable. It's one of those things where I feel like the odd man out because so many seem to love her and I didn't get it. I'm firmly into this series now, though.

Ames--Did you read the first? I really found this one more interesting. Still don't like all the hindsight, "If I had only known" stuff.

Marg--Hopefully it'll get better for you. I really did find it compelling.

Unknown said...

Oh good grief! Could our opinions be any more opposed to each other? LOL

Darkfever blew me completely away-- a master's course in the use of first person POV. Bloodfever rocked, too. But to me, DF was freakin' brilliant.

I also love that we know that KMM already knows what will happen and how many books (IIRC 5?) will be in the series. I'll miss it, but it's refreshing to read a series that isn't open-ended.

As for the Highlander series, it was always escapist fantasy to me, but anyone who hangs around TGTBTU knows I'm OBSESSED with the recent audio book releases. Beyond Phil Gigante's eargasmic narration, I'm enjoying all the Fever clues, too. The Hallows showed up in The Highlanders Touch, and the latest one, Kiss of the Highlander, is also the first MacKelter book.

It's been years since I read the Highlander series, so all those details that I didn't remember now seem significant in light of the Fever story-- like little Easter Eggs!

Devon said...

Hah, too funny. We both like the books but like different things.

I must admit, I'm not an audiobook fan, but I can appreciate your appreciation.

I didn't know it was a closed series. I really like that. It'll be sad to see it go,but I've seen too many series get watered down and mediocre trying to drag out the momentum.