Monday, January 28, 2008

I've finally got an Ebook Reader!

I made my IPod Touch into an E reader!! And it was easy! There are these things called webapps that you can put on your IPhone or IPod Touch and there's one called Readdle. Readdle makes it possible to view a variety of documents, including pdf, html and txt on your Iphone or Ipod touch. And it is easy.

The Iphone hack proved to be beyond my capabilities, but now I've got several books on my ipod. Once you download and open a particular file, you can bookmark it and thus read it even if you are offline, which is good. It's free to use and gives you 50 MB of storage, which is fine for me for now.

Unfortunately, it doesn't read docs that are in .lit, which is my preferred format for reading on my laptop. I find .lit easy on the eyes and easily navigable. Also, I guess it saves the document exactly as is. I downloaded a pdf without opening it up and looking at it first, and when I opened it up to read, it was way too small. I was unable to zoom in adequately, and I couldn't change from a two page to a single page display.

Readdle definitely has its limitations, but it's good enough for me for now until Apple smartens up and gets its own application going. Now I don't have to bring my laptop to bed, and I can read in the dark! And read e books and the Speech Therapist's office!


sula said...

This is me being jealous. hehe. wahhh, I wanna e-book reader. *pout*

Still, very cool that you figured out a way to make it work. Look out wide world, here she comes!

C2 said...

I'm jealous too - of the iPhone and ebook reading capabilities. *pouting too*

Devon said...

I was so excited. Now my IPod can do everything. It is officially the coolest toy ever. I didn't realize that it could do almost everything the Iphone does when my husband bought it. Sure, no phone, but I use my cell twice a month.

Sula--do you read e-books on the computer?

Jennie said...

I've been sort of wanting an iPod Touch! Do you have to pay a service fee (like to a cell phone company) for the internet connection? And how is the connection? I have a friend who got an iPhone and he said that was the only feature that didn't work so great.

Jennie said...

Ahh! I'm commenting again because I forgot to click the "email follow-up comments" button. :)

Devon said...

Jennie--no charge for Internet connectivity. It's got this thing called Safari which connects you to available wireless networks. I haven't had any issues with it unless the available networks are secured. In fact I was keeping my daughter entertained in the ped's office yesterday with games.

lisabea said...

Isn't it the absolute shit? I love me some ebook reading when I'm out and about. The plane, the car, the dunkin donuts. So wonderful. You are going to need glasses though. I found that when I looked up today, I couldn't see anything. Heh.