Monday, January 07, 2008


**I recently reviewed Deep Magic by Joy Nash over at TGTBTU (They are under construction. Please bear with the ducks, 'twill be awesome eventually!) It was very good and different.

**Spurred on my enjoyment of Deep Magic and craving more unusual settings, my first official read of 2008 was The Preacher's Daughter, by Cheryl St. John, who I've heard great things about. It was pretty good. I love me some Americana, especially when they have socials with lemonade and pie and fiddlin'. I liked the preacher's daughter, Lorabeth, the girl had gumption. But although the angst of hero Ben was understandable, given his upbringing, it felt kind of contrived. Lorabeth and Ben's courtship and marriage were so angst-free, for him to start acting cold made him seem like a jerk. I don't know, something didn't quite work. Instead of feeling bad for Ben, I wanted him to get a grip. But I'd definitely read St. John again, because I liked the setting and her style.

**I went to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum on Saturday. It was fascinating. Although the slums of the Lower East Side are certainly not romantic in and of themselves, I would love to see more romance set in 19th or early 20th century New York. I think it would be a great setting. Anyone know of any? I tried Brenda Joyce's Deadly series, but I didn't care for the heroine or her love interest (although apparently it changes).

**I found a new tough vampire hunter chick to love. Who'd have thought it possible? My review of Jeaniene Frost's debut should be up soon.


Stacy~ said...

Another vampire slayer? Never heard of her. Just when I think I'm over vamps, something catches my attention. I'll be checking out your review.

Nicole said...

Kate Rothwell has some romances that would qualify. Somebody Wonderful and Someone to Love are set in that time period.

I've got Halfway to the Grave to read, perhaps it should move up the list. I resisted, but I've been hearing lots of good things about it.

Devon said...

[blockquote]Another vampire slayer? Never heard of her. Just when I think I'm over vamps, something catches my attention.[/blockquote]

Hee!! Exactly.

Thanks for the recs, Nicole. I really enjoyed Halfway to the Grave.