Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Are any of these good?

In my efforts to stave off reading ennui (good historical word), I got some more books from the library. My pile is getting very big! Anyway, I was thinking that while I love historicals, but I always stick with the tried and true (Kleypas, Carlyle, Chase). I never try anything new.

With that in mind I grabbed these:

Once a Scoundrel by Candice Hern--Ugh, I felt weird having the circ lady check this out. I hate clinch covers. Is this author any good?

To Wed a Scandalous Spy by Celeste Bradley--I know nothing about this author, except that in one of her books, the hero has a very big shlong, which is why I picked up this one (does that make me a bad person?). But this is not it, apparently.

Untie My Heart by Judith Ivory--This should be decent. I loved "The Proposition", and I've heard a lot of good things about Ms. Ivory's books.

For change of pace, I also got See Delphi and Die by Lindsey Davis. I've been reading this mystery series, set in Ancient Rome, since I was a freshman in High School. Then I checked out Why Buffy Matters: the Art of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is the one I ended up reading. I'm about halfway through. I'm amazed by the proliferation of academic Buffy books. This author is reperatedly referred to as a leading "Buffy Studies" scholar. Buffy Studies? Can you imagine if it becomes a major one day? I can remember people scoffing at Women's Studies not that long ago.

So anyone got any hisotical favorites for me to check out? I want to try Julie Ann Long. A couple of bloggers have mentioned her lately, but she's not at the libraries I frequent. Although it's overdone, I do love the early 19th century setting. Not a fan of Medievals. Wouldn't mind seeing something set in America or elsewhere.


La Karibane said...

Devon, we have the same Ivory history, it seems. I read The Proposition first, then got Untie My Heart and I love it.

The man's coat is enough to make me faint...I love them as a couple so much. She's a grifter, you know? And he's the wandering heir.

And which Bradley has the generously endowed hero, btw? Dirty mind wants to know, LOL!

Devon said...

I think I'm going for the Ivory next. Seems like a safe bet. The Bradley is called Surrender to a Wicked Spy or something. "Surrender" is definitely in there. It's funny the things that pique your interest. I read that on a massage board and was like, huh, wonder what means for the story.

Mailyn said...

I say try the following which I love:

Anne Stuart's A Rose at Midnight and To Love a Dark Lord
Gaelen Foley's Lord of Fire
Elizabeth Doyle's Beyond Paradise
Laura Kinsale's Flower From The Storm
Mary Jo Putney's The Rake

Marg said...

I like reading Bradley's books usually, but the one with the big shlong was not her best really in my opinion. And yes it was Surrender to a Wicked Spy

Devon said...

Not her best. Durnit! I was so looking forward to it. I'll try the one I have and see if I like it enough to continue with the series.

Anonymous said...

Hi Devon...just wanted to say hello to a fellow New Yorker! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of those. So I'm no help. I tried an Ivory once but I wasn't able to get through it so I haven't picked up another.

I've been hearing alot about Julie Anne Long as well and the same as you, she's not at my library. I think she's too new.

~ames~ said...

Devon - I've never read Judith Ivory before and so I picked up Black Silk. It was DNF but people have assured me her other books are good. I'll see what you think of Untie My Heart before I give her another try.

Kristie (J) said...

The Hern book is pretty good. I really liked it - and guess what - it's an Avon so you know I had to have liked it *g*. I also really liked the Ivory book. As for Bradely - her first few in the spy series were good, but then the whole thing got old for me - like everyone who was anyone in Merry Old England was a spy. I'd give up on her when this one came out.

romancelover said...

You should try HERN definitely...I loved ONCE A GENTLEMAN (which is 3rd in the ONCE series) the more...incredible!!! ONCE A SCOUNDREL was good, but ONCE A GENTLEMAN...oh, so so incredible!!!

UNTIE MY HEART - you have to read this ASAP! I have a fear of flying...I can never relax on a plane; I feel every bump, every dip, it's terrible. To make a long story short (I'm very longwinded), I brought this book with me on a flight from CA to NY and...completely forgot I was on a plane. By the time I was finished with the book, most of the flight was over and done with. All I had left were smiles and happy dreams of an amazing hero and a sassy heroine. Book is too good to hold off on. READ IT!!!

romancelover said...

the more? I meant the MOST. Gosh, I need to go to bed!