Saturday, July 22, 2006

A scathing review...

Okay, so this cracked me the hell up.

Yesterday at work, in the guessing game entry box, was found a mysterious note that went like this:

Dear "Library",

I am appalled.
At your lack of Where's Waldo books.
I hate you.

A Concerned Citizen

My co-workers were actually pretty upset by this. I thought it was fantastic, particularly the use of the quotation marks and the "Concerned Citizen" bit. They thought it was two different types of handwriting, and I think they were worried that an adult wrote it. I'm not sure what the concern was exactly, because if it was an adult, it was a crazy adult, with crazy handwriting. Anyway, perhaps we could've compared the handwriting on the note to all the entries in the box, to figure out who the trasher was and let them know that a slashing attack on the library was inappropriate and wouldn't get them what they wanted. But that would be be stupid, juvenile and irrational. [And our reviewer was probably 10 years old] So we just checked to see how much Where's Waldo? we do have, and I think we're going to order more. Sigh.

Is there a point? I don't think so. I'm just avoiding getting on with my day. I started Fistful of Charms last night, but it's a bit slow.


~ames~ said...


It is funny. And if a ten year old wrote that, they've got mad vocab skills. LOL Which ten year old knows "appalled"?

And if an adult wrote it, they probably are crazy. But I like going through those kinds of books with my kid brothers.

I'm not crazy, btw.

Devon said...

That was another thing that just made it better! "Appalled" What kid says "appalled."

Kerri Wall said...

It was definitely a 10 year old. No adult could consciously be that funny.

Thanks Devon...I've told this three times now! "Library"...HAhahaahaaaaha


dancechica said...

LOL! That note was too funny! Thanks for sharing that! ;)

Tara Marie said...

That's too funny, your co-workers need to find a collective sense of humor.

Hey my almost 5 year old says appalled.

Devon said...

Tara--that's great that your son has such a great vocabulary!

I showed the note to my other co-worker yesterday, and she was all shocked, too! She was like, we have to try to remember who was asking for "Where's Waldo" books. It was a joke, folks! There is no threat to our Department here. Somehow I doubt the person CC'd the director and Board of Trustees. Heads are not going to roll here.