Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm still working my way through my Harlequin order. Finished Midnight Madness by Karen Kendall. I find it interesting to read the guidlines for the different category lines, to see what they are all about, so here they are for Blaze. This was fun and forgettable. The heroine was a bit annoying, with all her knee-jerk Republican hate (something I am never guilty of. Right.) The hero was quite likeable, although, since he was the governor of Florida, he made me think of this guy, which makes me think of this guy, which makes me feel a little sad. Anyway, the sex scenes were hot, but in the end, that was all there was between them, and I didn't buy the HEA. I give them 2 years for her to run screaming into the night, or for him to find a younger, hotter hairdresser.

I also read From the First by Jessica Bird. Jessica Bird is the name under which JR Ward writes Silhouette Special Editions. I really liked this at first, because one of my favorite type of storylines is when the hero has been eaten up with love for the heroine for years, but has some compelling (or not so much) reason for keeping away. Unfortunately, my enjoyment was marred by the fact that the hero, Alex, was a dick. He acted like an asshole and the wrap-up was too fast for me. I wanted a bit more groveling. I enjoy groveling in a man. Nowhere as good as her vamp books in my opinion, but I will probably track down some of her back list, at some point.

Happy Juy 4th, all!


sybil said...

no wonder I like you so much ;)

haven't read this one but I did enjoy The Player and am reading Closer

really looking forward to alison kents next blaze but I have liked all of hers so far so there you go