Thursday, July 20, 2006


I'm like the blogger extraordinaire today. A little free time on my hands, and napping kiddies. Anyhow, I've been tagged by fabulous Fiona. So here goes:

1) When did you first start blogging and why? I signed up for Blogger because I thought you had to to leave comments, and I occasionally commented at Squawk Radio. I didn't do anything with it until I found Smart Bitches, and through that, other blogs. I was doing a lot of romance reading, and it seemed like a good forum, writing getting my thoughts out. I saw it as an exercise in writing and thinking critically. It's something just for me, something fun that I love, and has nothing to do with the family.

2) What don't you talk about? I try to avoid talking about the kiddies. Its very tempting to let loose my potty training frustrations and whatnot, and it might even be interesting to another mom of little ones (I love hearing other's problems and solutions), but I would imagine it would be boring to just as many. And I don't want to scare anyone off from having kids. (Maybe I'll do a second mommy blog...)

3) Are you and your blogging persona the same person? I think I come off as a fairly quiet, subdued person to those I don't know very well, or don't like. But this is how I am in my head, and, I think, if you get to know me better. People tend to think I'm quiet and shy, but it's more reserve. I'm not all that nice (but my husband is). I'm curious what those who read the blog who know me in real life think. Does my blog voice sound like me?

4) How do you use blogging to build friendships? To be honest, I didn't really think much about it when I first started blogging, I just wanted an outlet for my thoughts. I didn't even know if anyone would read it. But, like many others, I didn't have anyone in real life who shared my reading interests, so it's been great reading the words of all these intelligent, opinionated ladies, who have such funny and great things to say. You can't help but to comment, because, they are so right on.

5) How would you describe your writing style? I think the way I write on my blog is similar to the way I talk, hence all the commas and parentheses. My mind moves faster than my mouth fer sure so I tend to interrupt myself a lot, and go on tangents. I try to be straightforward and not too mean.

I'm tagging:

Steph (something to kill time at work)
and anyone else who would like to partake.

I'm also going to do the 1st ten songs on your IPOD/CD player, b/c Dancechica tagged anyone who wanted to do it and I'm curious. Here goes:

1) Kiss Off-Violent Femmes
2) Ask-The Smiths
3) It could be sweet--Portishead
4) Naked Eye--Luscious Jackson
5) Free Ride--The Edgar Winter Group
6) No More Mr. Nice Guy--Alice Cooper
7) Hang on to Yourself--David Bowie
8) I Melt with You--Modern English
9) Manic Depression--Jimi Hendrix
10) Jealousy--Liz Phair

It's like nostalgia night around here. I really do have some post 2000 music on there, I swear.


Holly said...

LMAO! This is funny, because I was just filling mine out and tagged you. Too funny.

Check my blog in a minute for my answers.

sybil said...

love the violent femmes!

Kerri Wall said...

Good playlist!

I started a second blog because I didn't want to lose anyone with the baby chatter. I know when I was anti-child I hated having to read/listen about that kind of stuff. Let me know if you do it.


Mailyn said...

lmao fiona!!! I talk about my dogs all the time and people think I'm nuts. I am, but that's besides the point. lol.

OMG you tagged me too!!!! squeeeee!!!
I feel loved, thanks!!!!!!! *huggles all around*

dancechica said...

I was just about to post that too (that I feel so loved that I got tagged like twice!) Mailyn, you're always posting what I'm thinking. Stop doing that. It's freaky. LOL. ;)

I'll have my answers to this tag up on my blog later. (Probably sometime in the middle of the night when I'm up and bored). LOL.

Anonymous said...
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