Friday, October 26, 2007

I Can't Stop Laughing at This

I'm not sure why, but I could watch it for hours. But anyway, I'll send a copy of an old Johanna Lindsey and and a Barbara Cartland if you can tell me the actor and the movie it was clipped from. If you were a young girl in the early eighties and you enjoyed dancing, you'll probably can get it.

I have a guest review up at The Good, the Bad and the Unread (note the URL change). I'm actually going to be reviewing there regularly, you can see my bio here.

This weekend on Bravo, they are re-running The Scariest Moments in Movies (or something like that). Lots of good clips and interesting commentary.


Dev said...

That would be Jean-Claude Van Damme from Breakdance, the Movie ~ also known as Breakin'. I admit, I watched it. I haven't seen it since.

Anonymous said...


Devon said...

Dev got it! This was emailed to me yesterday, but it was so much better because it was looped and JCVD was getting down with his spandex clad self. When I transferred it I couldn't get that continuous thing.

I recognized the girl who walks by immediately, b/c I really liked those movies, back in the day. But I did a bit of research and it is indeed Breakin. As opposed to Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, where they save the community center. I liked that one best.

Email me at dempseymurphy at optonline dot net for your amazing prize package. If you want it :)

Dev said...

Devon ~ I thought I remembered a sequel to this one, but I just wasn't sure :-)

lisabea said...

Jean Claude Van Damn the eighties were ugly. I was in high school/college during this time and, yes, I wore spandex occassionally. Thank God the Grateful Dead entered my life and I abandoned spandex for hemp. Clothing, I mean.

Devon said...

Thank God the Grateful Dead entered my life and I abandoned spandex for hemp. Clothing, I mean.

Sure Lisabea, sure. That's what I remember about Dead concerts, all the hemp clothing.

Dev said...

Devon ~ I wanted to let you know I received the books and all those fun plastic creepy crawly things you included in the package :-)