Monday, October 22, 2007

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was afraid of everything. Everything, including her own shadow. She was especially frightened of things that go bump in the night. Just knew that ghosts and monsters and scary things were there lurking in the shadows. Then came a defining moment. A mime was hired to perform at her primary school. To end his act, he imitated a vampire sucking the blood out of his prey (I swear to God this is true. This was in front of Kindergarteners and First Graders). Not surprisingly, the little girl started screaming her head off. Mom had to come and pick her up. That night she began to sleep with a blanket wrapped around her neck, a habit that was to continue for many years to come.

From this point on she was still scared, but also fascinated by that which scared her. She tried to read scary stories. She watched scary movies and tv shows for up to ten minutes before running out of the room screaming. She stayed up all night with the lights on after reading books of true ghost stories. An attempt to face her fears? Only a licensed therapist might know. Finally she started to be able to sit through entire movies (Except for "The Exorcist". Parents, don't let your 12 year olds watch this, no matter how much they beg. It might scar them for life.)

This fascination with the supernatural and disturbing followed her into teenagehood. This fascination, combined with a totally negative attitude seemed like a surefire recipe for Goth girl hood. Unfortunately (or fortunately), she would've looked awful with black hair and was cursed by the inability to take herself seriously. And so she masqueraded as a normal person, but never gave up her love of all things that go bump in the night.

So, anyway, it may or may not surprise you that this is my favorite time of year. I've been going a bit crazy with my new DVR, taping all the Halloween programming for young and old. We're watching Nightmare Before Christmas as I type. And I haven't read a darn thing apart from a re-read of Connie Brockway's As You Desire (great book, but that's a post for another time). So I've decided to dedicate the blog to all things spooky and supernatural from now until Halloween. Enjoy!

What scares the crap out of you? I've always been terrified of the idea of demons, thanks to Linda Blair and a book by those Warren people (Linda and Ed, maybe?) who investigate paranormal phenomena. To this day I periodically have dreams about someone I know and love getting possessed. Reading "demon" romances is helping though, because with the exception of Lilith (Meljean Brook's Demon Angel), they never seem particularly demonic. Anything gives you the shivers, even though you know it's silly?


Unknown said...

Oh man, I used to get into ALL that stuff-- the scarier the better! And then the movie Halloween came out and I was so freakin' scared that I haven't been able to stand scary movies since!

dancechica said...

I love this time of year, too. It's also the month I was born, which seems so fitting since I like spooky stuff.

Mirrors creep me out ever since I was in elementary school and that whole "Bloody Mary" thing went around. Even though I know it's ridiculous, I still look at mirrors half expecting to see something other than my own reflection.

lisabea said...

I love Halloween, too! I am, however, desperately afraid of bats. Yetch. I always think they'll give me rabies! I know, pretty silly, but that's how it is. So bats are out for me.

Devon said...

I'll be talking about scary and unscary movies of all kinds Bev. I'm taking a break from the DA train wreck now. I think I have the magical ability to kill threads, so I tried.

DC, I hated that "Bloody Mary" shit. I remember being totally creeped out and scared to go to the bathroom during slumber parties.

Lisabea--I've never been in contact with a bat, for which I am happy. Do you watch "The Office"? There was a hilarious one where a bat was loose in the office. Except there was a moment at the end that you would've hated?

You know what freaks me out? Ouija boards. I fear them. Somebody told me that if only one person keeps their hands on the plastic thing then they might get possessed.

lisabea said...

My family TORTURES me with bats. Disney World's Animal Kingdom has a walk through display of Flying Foxes and Fruit Bats. Two things got me through that exhibit: the fact that their weenies were hanging upside down and they peed everywhere (very immature, but funny) and my husband and I were DYING laughing. And the fact that male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality in the animal kingdom (I heard that on the radio, don't know if it's true) and I do love so love my gay romances.

Devon said...

Okay, bats peeing all over themselves IS hilarious, no two ways about it.

And I've heard the one about Gay bats too. Just one of those weird little factoids.

Chantal said...

THis is my favourite time of year, too!

Nothing really scares me, but every year I have a huge house party. We watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and everyone has to dress up as someone from the movie. Every year, it's a big hit.

P.s-I thought As you desire was boring as hell. I didn't even finish it. I'm going to try reading it again as soon as I get to the bottom of my current TBR pile (If I stop adding to it, lol)