Thursday, October 25, 2007

Movies that Made Me Keep the Lights on All Night

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The Exorcist: I can't even bear the thought of this movie. I really hope that there's no such thing as demon possession.

Magic--One of Sidekick's picks. I've never seen it, but fuckin' dummy? No good. Not a big fan of dolls coming to life.

Psycho--Creepy, creepy, creepy. Less is more.

The Brood--Another one of Sidekick's picks, but it sounds disturbing. I'm curious, yet nervous to watch.

Freaks--Thought-provoking movie.
Seriously disturbing. My modern sensibilities are uncomfortable with the idea of people being put on display because of their physical differences. And I'm even more uncomfortable with them being the bad guys. I can't help but feel a lot of sympathy for the freaks, but the sequence where they get their revenge is really creepy. Gabba Gabba Hey!

Friday the 13th--The original. When Kevin Bacon gets it and the ending are among the good GOTCHA moments.

The Amityville Horror--The original never fails to creep me out. It's that demonic thing again. Man, is this house creepy. The creepiness factor is of course heightened by our relative proximity to Amityville. Finding the Amityville Horror house was a major pastime of LI teens. I wonder if they still do it. I worked in a school for awhile that had a number of kids from that neighborhood, and they all had debunking stories. The street names have been changed and the house extensively remodeled.

Part two to come later...


Dev said...

Well, for someone who doesn't like horror movies, I've seen 3 of these. Psycho, Amityville Horror and Friday the 13th.

I also saw Nightmare on Elm Street. The first one freaked me out ~ the sequels just made me laugh.

Wait, I also saw Chucky. That one was wierd.

Chantal said...

Those are some choice scary movies. I love this time of year, becuase they are all playing on TV, YAY.
ANother good scary one is The Entity. It's supossed to be a true story.

Devon said...

Never seen that one. But I've heard of it. Very very disturbing idea. I was watching one of those shows about getting evidence of real life ghosts, and there was a picture of that woman and there was something kind of next to her.

I only got halfway through my post, when it became apparent that my kids weren't going to let me write. More movies on tap.

Chantal said...

It is very freaky. Disturbing is a good word for it. It's the only movie that has ever given me the chills and made me look over my shoulder.

See, its happening right now. Just thinking about it is making me look around *shiver*

~ Mad ~ said...

Horror movies and I don't mix well so I stay far far away from them. Just call me the big's what my girls call me when I jump at the least little noise. ROFL

Unknown said...

Now that's odd you listed The Amityville Horror. I read the book, which scared the crap out of me. So, when I saw the movie I would squeal and cringe, not because of what was actually happening on the screen, but because I knew what was ABOUT to happen. The only problem was that most of it DIDN'T happen. Dammit.

The Exorcist was kind of "meh" to me, but my BFF in high school was totally freaked out by it and couldn't sleep for days! However, she thought Amityville was "meh".

lisabea said...

I hate Rosemary's Baby. The music FREAKS me out.

Chantal said...

Ohh, the movie compared to the book for Rosemary's baby is identical. Every last thing is the same. Right down to the way the clothes are described.
I love it.!