Friday, October 26, 2007

Movies that Made Me Keep the Lights on All Night (part 2)

The Changeling--Sidekick has seen lots better movies than me, probably b/c his parents were more mellow about letting him watch stuff. This haunted house story sounds great. I'm going to try to find it at work tomorrow. Nothing spookier than a good haunted house story. Gets you thinking about your house, and what if...

Halloween--The original, the best. Mike Myers was just so damn creepy and inhuman, the way he kept coming and coming. Interestingly, in his remakeRob Zombie took also the scary out, by adding in more gore.

Seven--The horror of what a plain old human can do. I saw this in the movie theater, and I almost walked out during the "Sloth" part. Well-written, well-acted, but I find it really hard to watch.

Silence of the Lambs--Another serial killer movie that really worked. I can't decide who was freakier, Buffalo Bill or Hannibal Lecter.

Nightmare on Elm Street--One, two Freddy's coming for you.... I agree with Dev, this franchise got cheesy quickly, but this one was scary! The idea of someone who could kill you in your dreams...I had a lot of nightmares, too. Didn't sleep for awhile after I saw this one the first time.

We're going to a costume party tonight. H-Bomb is going to be a knight, the Destroyer is going to be a fairy princess. Sidekick and I are going with a The Warriors theme. He's going to be the leader of the Baseball Furies and I'll be the leader of The Lizzies.

For once, the weather is working for me, my hair is nice and big and frizzy, and the frizzier the better.


Dev said...

Oh man, I remember Seven. Freaked me out. I went with my best friend and her mom. We spent two hours after the movie just going, "Oh my god." It was that freaky. Once was enough.

And I like movies that play with the mind, not so much the gore. Which is probably why Seven got to me. Yes, there was gore, but just enough. It wasn't over the top, it played with my head more than anything. Which, if I'm going for a movie like that, is exactly what I'm looking for.

Devon said...

Seven was a quiet movie, very low key, which I think really magnified the "horror" of the events. I remember doing the same thing with my friends afterward, just feeling like I needed to recover.

Wendy said...

I saw a free screening of Seven in college. My girlfriend had to work, so I went with her boyfriend, The Film Student. OMG! I practically jumped into his lap during Sloth and I remember this one girl actually SCREAMED! Well, heck, I shouldn't pick on her - the whole theater erupted LOL. I almost stayed with him and his roommates that night - instead I went back to my dorm room, checked all the locks, looked under the bed and in the closet.

Re: Silence Of The Lambs. Hannibal is scarier because he effs with your mind.

reviewer said...

Another good list.
Seven was on TV last night.

Unknown said...

Legend of Hell House! The book was so scary I hyperventilated. And the movie was pretty darn close to it. I can't remember, though, if the movie is called Legend of Hell House or just Hell House.

Unknown said...

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Jennie said...

I'm such a wimp about scary movies--I don't think I've seen any of these. Maybe Seven. Is that the one where Brad Pitt gets his girlfriend's head in the mail or something?

My big brother forced me to watch Poltergeist with him when I was waaay too young. It scarred me. So I blame him that I'm not able to watch scary movies. ;)

Devon said...

I haven't seen The Legend of Hell House. Chantal is the horror movie queen!

Yup Jennie, Seven was the head in the box one.

Poltergeist is not as scary as it was when I was little, but still it's good! The stuff with the boy and the clown...that was always a fear of mine, dolls coming to life. That would be me in my bed staring, ready to run if there was a movement.

Devon said...

Ooops,Qb saw Hell House. I bet Chantal saw it too.