Saturday, June 09, 2007

Calling all authors!

"Just because it's free, don't mean it's no good", as my sister used to say. (A free book to anyone who knows the original source of that quote.)

Romantic Advances News from Sybil:

As you know we are in beta and while doing the design it made sense to put the ad space in now vs try and fit it in later. Since we are a new site and something of an untried idea it doesn’t seem right for us to open the site and charge for ads.

But we have received quite a few emails asking what to do to place ads (you guys rock!). So we brainstormed and came up with a plan. We will give the ad space away and how better to do that than a contest?

How do you enter this nifty contest you ask?

You send in your ad to The size needs to be 200 x 350. And we will pick three to ‘win’ the ad space. We will do this for the rest of June and most likely July. Depending on the response we may continue and give away a spot or two per month but you know, we are in beta and all things are subject to change.

The first batch is due by Friday June 15, 2007 @ midnight and will begin running by Monday June 18 and will run for the week. We will be judging based on appeal to the reader (that’s us).

I am sure I am forgetting all sorts of stuff I should tell you, so ask any questions you like!

Good Luck!

This is a great, free opportunity to promote your work! Remember also that if you are published with an RWA recognized publisher, you can submit your book's information to Romantic Advances for posting. While RA's primary focus is to be an information resource for romance readers, I think it is also an easy way for newer authors to get their stuff out there to those who don't comb blogs and epublisher websites. See here for more info.