Monday, June 04, 2007

Everybody Join Hands...

board the L.U.R.V.E. Train!

I won a copy of Demon Moon! Yay! Meljean Brook left a comment mentioning that no one had nominated their own sexiest vampire alive yet, and I thought to myself,"Self, who would be better equipped to come up with a vamp than you?" But who to pick? Kiefer Sutherland in "The Lost Boys"? Max Schreck in Nosferatu? Vishous? Spike? Edward from Twilight? Glenn Danzig? But then I thought to myself what vampire commonly starts young ladies down the road to romanticizing creatures of the night? And an idea was born. (Or rather ganked from my sister.)

Without futher ado--

lurve train animationDear People Magazine,

Meljean Brook wants us all to take a ride on the L.U.R.V.E. Train, and is nominating Colin Ames-Beaumont as the "Sexiest Man Alive (and Undead)" for 2007. Because Colin's picture can't be taken, she is submitting evidence in the form of her book, Demon Moon, and a long PDF excerpt.

But, come on! Everyone knows that Count Von Count is the sexiest vampire alive (or undead, anyway). He's great with kids, which is sexy. He's also good with numbers, which means he'd probably be good with money, and stay financially stable. And that accent! That laugh! Sends shivers down the spine. The Destroyer loves him, and she's a tough sell. He's got to be the most beloved vampire ever. Thus, I nominate for your consideration the Count Von Count for sexiest man alive (and undead), for his charm and his hard work teaching children numbers and making vampires lovable.

Living and Undead Readers for Vampire Equality

Join the L.U.R.V.E. Train - Because vampires are beautiful people, too.

(Want to join the L.U.R.V.E. Train? Nominate your own vampire, win books and Amazon gift certificates? Climb aboard here.)

Enter your own nomination! She's giving away lots of stuff!


meljean brook said...

LOLOL! I love him, too!

Mailyn said...

LMFAO!!! That's hilarious.

Holly said...

LMAO!LMAO! That's awesome! HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Ha! OMG, this is too funny.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. The purple guy is hot.