Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lightening my Load! (Part B)

This will be here awhile. Scroll down for new reviews and stuff.

This time inspired by a post at The Good, The Bad and The Unread, I'm doing a giveaway. When my parents moved last summer, I absconded with many, many paperbacks of varying quality. I had originally planned on reading some of them and using them for the blog, and also selling some on Ebay. It's been nine months and I can't quite be arsed to do anything about them. But after reading the post and comments at Sybil's, I thought some of them might have nostalgia or amusement value for others. So, without further ado, here is my list of vintage romances up for grabs. For the most part they are paperback editions from the late seventies.
Barbara Cartland (from the Bantam Barbara Cartland Library)
The Tears of Love
The Penniless Peer
The Wicked Marquis
Call of the Heart
The Impetuous Duchess
The Karma of Love
The Bored Bridegroom
A Dream From the Night
The Cruel Count
The Elusive Earl

Harlequin Romances
My Heart's a Dancer by Roberta Leigh
That Man Simon by Anne Weale
Under Moonglow by Anne Hampson
Love's Sweet Revenge by Mary Wibberley

Signet Regencies
An Honorable Offer by Catherine Coulter
The Counterfeit Marriage by Joan Wolf

Harlequin Presents
by Anne Mather:
The Arrogance of Love
Rooted in Dishonour
Beware the Beast
by Anne Hampson:
Dear Plutocrat
Fetters of Hate
Passionate Involvement by Lillian Peake
Tidewater Lover by Janet Dailey

This is how it will work. If you are interested, comment and we will get in touch. Each commenter can have up to four. I will pay for Media Mail postage if you are in the US or Canada. If you live elsewhere, we will work together to come to a cheap solution we both like. If nobody wants any, I'll find some other use for them. Perhaps a cover collage.


Holly said...

I want some of the Harlequin Presents ones. Can you email me?

Stacy~ said...

If it hasn't been claimed by anyone, I'd like Anne Mather's "Forbidden".

You know, I really need to do this!

Rowena said...

If nobody else has claimed these books I'd like some of the Harlequins, but most definitely the Catherine Coulter book. =)

Devon said...

Rowena-I'm pretty sure I have your address info from the Rock Star contest.

Stacy--under my profile there is a "contact me". Let me know where to send stuff.

Rowena said...

Okay cool, thanks sweets! Email me and I'll see about sending you money for those books!

Anonymous said...

what's scary is that I not only have read most of those Barbara Cartland but I even remember the plots most vividly? In fact, THE BORED BRIDEGROOM is one of my favorite Cartlands evah! Ah, the dangers of reading while impressionably young. Sigh.

Gotta check if I have read that Joan Wolf. . . .

Devon said...

Seton-Any one you want is yours. I have more, so if there is a particular Cartland you are yearning for, let me know. I might have it.

I need to read a couple for myself. What are some of your other Cartland favorites?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the Joan Wolf book is about, but if Seton doesn't want it, I'd love it.

Devon said...

Trisha--The Joan Wolf is about an Earl who is forced to marry a proper young lady because he accidentally raped her. Ooops! Sorry! When I read the back and flipped through the other day I was definitely tempted to read just to see WTF. Sounds...old school. If you would like it, it's yours.

Mailyn said...

That's very nice of you to do. I like the collage idea. I used to love to do those.

Anonymous said...

Er... Oh, what the hell? It's Joan Wolf and I've loved the two regencies I've read by her. I'll give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

I would love any of the Barbara Cartlands if they are still available! I am collecting the Bantam books and don't have the Penniless Peer, A Dream From the Night, or the Elusive Earl. Would be happy to pay for shipping since I'm interested in more than one book. FYI - just found your blog and love it.