Thursday, June 14, 2007

Okay, okay I admit it!

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, and bought two books, which I wasn't supposed to do until the end of the month. But I get these weekly emails from Harlequin, and I always read them. And every once in awhile there is a book that I decide that I simply must have. Such was the case yesterday. I remembered that I had a B&N GC, so off to the store I ran, not wanting to miss it. You, know, with these Harlequins, they're only available for a limited time. It took two hours, tops, to read, but I'm feeling a bit guilty that I cheated on my challenge. But let's get to the two haiku review.

Step-sibling tension,
Wanting each other for years,
Him: cold, her: awkward.

Insecure female,
asshole male are among flaws.
But it was yummy.

Comments from the peanut gallery:
Yes, this was the book that I broke my challenge for. Was it worth it? Yeah. This was angsty, melodramatic, cheese at its best. Stepbrother and sister secretly in love with each other for years? He treats her like dirt because he feels guilty? She's still a virgin because she can't get him out of her head? Tawdry. Sign me up please! It wasn't without its flaws. The heroine's overriding character trait was being awkward and insecure, not the most attractive. The hero was a bit of a douche, and he was one of those mood swingy, "I won't, I won't, I won't, no, I will" types. But it was delicious, sexy and emotional and intensely readable. It gets a B- for keeping my interest and not making me roll my eyes too much. I devoured it. And for a yummy dessert I polished off an HP, which did come off of my list. Two books in one day! Review to come later.


Nikki said...

I love your 2 Haiku reviews! That is my favorite kind of poetry and I wish I could write one. (I've tried and tried) I can't get my brain to work like that.

I feel this way about some Harlequins. They can be cheesy but delicious!

Don't feel bad about your "cheating". I did it, too! I bought Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr and The Viscount in her Bedroom by Gayle Callen. I was at Wal-Mart and I had to walk by the book section to get to the stationary and well, I couldn't resist. I feel just awful about it. I am just cheating myself. But the guilt is working I haven't felt the urge since! But it's only been 3 days!!

Keep on, keepin' on girl, you can do it!!

Mailyn said...

OMG I can't get over your haiku reviews. LOL!!!

Devon said...

Thanks Nikki! At least it spurred me on to reading something else. I've been stalling out on some of the books. But I just got my copy of Demon Moon in the mail. I've been excited about it so I'm going to have to read it next. At least I didn't buy it. I won it in a contest.

Thanks Mailyn!