Monday, June 04, 2007


Perhaps this wasn't the best month to do a reading challenge. Reading is coming in a distant last to the usual family, home and work duties, getting my house back in shape post-construction, attempting to help out with Romantic Advances, trying to make my very first website ever (for my husband's karate school), and doing the occasional update and blog hop. I've read one more book, Double Trouble by Claire Cross, which I quite enjoyed and will review soon.

However, I've been thinking about preposterous plotlines. The other day, I began a Harlequin Blaze, and I became completely stuck on the setting of the book, a supposedly upscale, sex themed hotel for rich dilettantes, with armoires of sex toys in the rooms, and an erotic lounge for indulging one's pervy tastes. Wh-what? You know what three words come to mind? Used sex toys. I am expected to believe that those with too much money and time on their hands would frequent some kind of sex-themed tourist attraction, and risk ending up on Page Six of the Post? Some sort of top secret, members-only sex club featuring all sorts of debauchery is one thing, but the Plaza with dildoes? I don't think so. I was pondering whether or not I'd be able to go through with it when I realized that it wasn't on my list, after all. So I brought it back to the library. Phew.


Rosario said...

Oh, yeah, I think we were reading the same book at the same time. "Used sex toys" was my first thought, closely followed by "euwwwww!" But did you see he accused her of being in the business of selling sex toys? So I prefered to think if you unwrapped it, you paid for it and could take it away. Still, I didn't like the concept and didn't much like the book... a disappointment, considering this is one of my fave Blaze authors.

CindyS said...

There is something about this month - I keep looking ahead and realizing my reading time is going to be next to nill. So I'm cheating and reading MJD latest so I can say I read a book in June ;)


Unknown said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one that gets grossed out by those kind of weird details. Every time I read a book where someone whips out an insertable sex toy, whether it's in a "club" or in someone's home with a new partner, and they don't pull it new out of the wrapper, my first thought is "EWWW- you don't know where that's been!!"

Fortunately, some authors make a point of working the fact that it's new into the story. I wish they all did.