Thursday, June 14, 2007

Four down, Sixteen to go...

HP the way it oughta be!

Mistress for a Weekend by Susan Napier

The two haiku review:

Nerd and the tycoon,
Corporate Espionage,
Or just a big klutz?

Weekend together,
He will find out. Fun banter,
characters, dumb end.

Comments from the peanut gallery:
Aside from Lucy Monroe, my previous HP experiences have fallen short. Instead of the titillating, glamorous cheese I expected to devour, they were a chore to finish. I'm going to add Susan Napier to the list of HP authors to read. I enjoyed this one. I liked the hero and heroine, and the banter between them and the growing tension were great. The big issue was the weak ending. I hate it when books fast forward and we're supposed to just believe that their relationship developed in the meantime. From what we did see, they seem like they are at the start of something big, but a marriage proposal? It seemed silly and tacked on. C+ for the ending and the stupid title. Will someone please explain to me the Harlequin/Silhouette obsession with the word "mistress"? They seem to use it interchangeably with "lover" or "f***buddy." What makes someone a mistress, and why does every other heroine have to be one?


Rosario said...

They sometimes even use "Mistress" in the title when the hero and heroine don't actually have sex (nor pretend to have sex) during the book. What's the point?

Rowena said...

That does sound like a weak ending...I'm not into these kinds of books but one of these days I'm goign to read one, I took some from Holly just in case, so I'll check them out soon.

Mailyn said...

HP - Hewlett Packard or Harry Potter.

Shows how much I know about these types of books. LOL.

Stacy~ said...

Hey Devon I got the books you sent - thank you so much. Wow those HPs from the 70's are something, aren't they? *g*